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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

an important first step before the dalimond town marshal quests

Posted by velveeta Thursday August 17 2017 at 11:15PM
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so, before we actually start the dalimond adventures, we need to do an attunement.  i'm not talking about just binding to the shrine (which you should do first thing on landing, as a matter of course) - no, there is a much more important place we will need to visit quite often, and you don't want to be making this run every time.

that place is the abandoned island.  adult dragons can fly to it, but naka can only get there by porting.  the island is rich in resources and is the home of many baddies we will need to fight.  in order for bipeds to reach the island gatekeeper, we must port to a scorpion island destination, run to a hidden cave that houses the portal to the island, and speak to the island gatekeeper.

so, from the incoming pad, head over to the outgoing portals and choose the one closest to town.  i did this attunement years ago (this is an original attunement - you always had to do it, even before the recent revamp), so i have the island as a destination already.  it will be greyed out for you, so scroll down to the scorpion island destinations.  you can use either kenaf port or slate hills (kenaf port is closer) - i chose slate hills.

when you hit the pad, turn to the generally northwesterly direction and follow the road.  your first real landmark will be the ruined fabric workstation (someday, i should rebuild that).  continue up the hill beyond the fws.  at the top, you want to turn off the road and go thru the pass between the hills.  run thru the kenaf field and start climbing up the side of the right hand hill.  remember to continue in a northwesterly direction when you get to the top.

at this point, you are at the beginning of the scorpion's 'tail'.  this increasingly narrow run of land is home to a couple of nasties that you should be able to avoid on your run.  the first critter you will meet is the green lump called a ruxus.  they are slow and easily left behind.

the road gets very faint on the tail (and there is no road bonus anyway), so just keep running northwest, using the path as a guide when you can.  the next critter you will encounter is a greater grass beetle aka ulmus beetle.  keep running past them, and you will shortly reach the first narrow area of the tail.  at this point, you are past all the nasties.

the first narrows is longer than the second, but once you get to the 2nd narrows, it is a short run to the top of the rise.  at the top, you need to slide down to the plateu directly underneath you.  from there, you need to pull an indiana jones, take a leap of faith, and jump down to the small cliff - that you cannot see from where you are - directly below you.

you should see the cave entrance (if you don't, you are prolly drowning.  you will need to recall and start over).  enter and take the left hand tunnel.  approach the port - you will notice there is only one destination.  choose the abandoned island and port.

you will pop up near the outgoing portal, next to the lighthouse.  between them stands the island gatekeeper.  approach him and greet him, choose the attunement, and voila!  you are now attuned to the abandoned isle.  take a quick look around if you wish, then port back to dalimond and find drugan on patrol around the statue.


now that that is out of the way, we can start finding out what the town marshal of dalimond needs us to do.  join me again to see what trouble we can get into first!  see you soon.