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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

krianos quests - maggot infestation

Posted by velveeta Sunday August 7 2016 at 6:26PM
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since it is time to move on from new trismus, our next port of call will be the low level town of kion, home of the saris and my personal fave city in the game.  the town marshal of kion is named krianos, and his patrol area is right at the incoming port pad.

but i get ahead of myself.  assuming you are still on nt, get to the port area, and choose kion from the list.  as i said, krianos patrols the area adjacent to the incoming pad, so he is quite easy to find.

speak to the saris as usual to get the lowdown on kion and its inhabitants, and to access the quest list.  we are gonna start with the first quest we see, the 'maggot infestation' town marshal quest.  as you can see, this quest takes you to an island off the west coast of the main island, very near the 'border' of kion area and sslanis area, omenously called the isle of the drowned.

therefore, listen to krianos as he gives you the story, and check your quest journal for any further details.  

now, there is an easy way and a long way to get to the isle.  i will show you the long way getting there and the short way back.  with that in mind, head to the beach area (conversely, you can take the western road out of town - but that has several turnings that you can easily miss and end up somewhere you very much didn't expect to be) and run thru the sand beets until you get to the settlement of parsinia.  the easy way cuts out the long run by using the kion ports to the settlement of parsinia, with the pads right next to the road. either way, from this point, stay on the road until you start to see green - this is the border between the desert rose of kion and the emerald green of sslanis.  keep running on the road, head over the bridge and go past the crossroads with the boulder signposts.  a short time down the road past those, and you will see some gruoks on the right and the beginnings of a sandstone field (longtime readers have been here before) populated with golems.  if you are low level, stay on the road and don't stop - both those creatures aggro.

when you see the gols, tho, you are very close to your next run.  on your right, you should see the cliffy start of a land bridge.  you need to cross this natural bridge to reach the island of the drowned.  be cautious, tho, as the bridge is rocky and it is easy to get disoriented.  do not stray too close to the sides, it is quite easy to not see over the edge of a rock you are climbing and end up in the ocean.  chances are not very good that you would get air before you became one of the isle's notables.....  the land smooths out a bit at the isle end, and it should be relatively easy to find the wood bridge to access the isle itself.  head thru the left hand set of valleys, always moving westerly.

now for the really bad news - there is very. very little chance of a low level doing this quest solo.  the maggots, which aggro, share a roving area with swarms of biting flies - which aggro - and the creatures formerly known as fyakki - which aggro.  all these creatures are at least level 13.  you will need either a large group of other low levels in a co-op arrangement or a very good and attentive bodyguard(s).  i am not joking about this!!! 

anyhoo, lay about the place until you have fought off enough fyakki and flies to kill 20 maggots.  personally, i cast swift feet and hoofed it out of there on the qt, because i was tired of being ganked, but however you do it, go back over the wood and land bridges, head back down the road past the signstones and over the bridge, until you reach the parsinia port area.  don't be weird - take the ports back.  or you can always attune to kion shrine before leaving, that's prolly the best idea.

find krianos and speak to him to get your reward!

and that's our first kion town marshal quest.  come back soon for another fun time!