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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

krianos quests - infestation

Posted by velveeta Friday August 26 2016 at 10:16PM
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after that great news, time to get back to questing!

today's quest from the town marshal of kion is called 'infestation'.  like the maggot infestation quest, you need to cull some critters - unlike that quest, this one is much easier to do and to get to.

to get this quest, you need to speak to krianos and choose the quest, then listen again to his explanation of what is needed.  check your journal for clarification, and head for the western gate.

we have been in the area, a long while ago, doing crafting stuff, so it should be easy enough to get to the spiders.  head up the shrine road, past the manor house on the hill, and thru the western gate.  pause to admire the lighthouse and say hi to the guard, then continue down the road, thru the cedar forest and wood workstation, along the ore field with the workstation, and you will find the spiders along the road from here to past the sandstone field.

the spiders respawn fairly quickly and don't aggro, so killing the required 20 should be fairly easy for even low levels (along a babysitter is always a good option for any advent at low levels, if only for lookout and healing).  return to krianos when you have done so.

returning is easy, just retrace your steps back past the ore field, past the wws and thru the cedar field, until you see the lighthouse next to the gate.  once thru the gate, stay on the shrine road until you reach the portal area where krianos patrols.  speak to him as normal to get your praise and reward.


i hope to see you again soon for another exciting kion quest!

another important interruption

Posted by velveeta Sunday August 21 2016 at 4:57PM
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what seems like a very long time ago, the european players of horizons had their own shard - unity.  during the time of troubles, the unity shard was shut down, and it was not reopened when the new and current gods of istaria took possession of the game.

not having been an unity player, i did not receive the following email - which has raised hopes among those players who transferred to the live shards that they may be going home.  here is a copy of the post anikitos posed for those of us without access.  i post it not only for the great news, but for the great story:


Greetings Fellow Istarians!

The Master Libarian at the Great Tazoon Library gathers all writings
within the world of Istaria - some stories are about local life, while
others impact the world at large. It is rare that a story encompassing the
entire world can be told and understood from a local perspective - and a
young Dragon hatchling's perspective at that.

Read on about Arante as she asks about events unfolding around her.

Amarie Ancalmon
- Community Manager


The tiny hatching curled into her mother's side, sighing contentedly in
the warmth that radiated both from her mother's body and from the floor of
the lair. Surely this was the best life had to offer, she thought. Though
many of her hatchling friends talked about how much they wanted to grow up,
leave the hatchling nest and learn to fly, little Arante was content to
stay nuzzled up with her mother's tail wrapped securely around her.

"Tell me again, mother, about where Elvie came from. Why doesn't she have
a clutch mother to protect her?

It puzzled the little pink dragon how anyone as young as Elvie could be
considered Gifted. Yet all the other dragons had welcomed Elvie as though
she were from a clutch of their own. In fact, soon after Elvie appeared at
the portal gate, saying she'd come from a placed called Unity, Elvie had
been given a lair all her own. Though Arante herself had no desire to leave
the warmth of her mother's lair, she knew that many of the other hatchlings
were angry at the elder's decision to let Elvie have her pick of the lair
before any of them could choose one for themselves. Lairs were difficult to
dig, and took a great deal of care and work to form each chamber just right
so that the ones beside it and below would not collapse.

"Not now, my hatchie. You need your rest."  Her mother's tailtip tickled
her earfin lightly, softening the reproach.

"But maaaaa... pleeease,"  she pleaded, rubbing her head against her
mother's rough scales to remove the itch. "Bal says that Elvie is an
orphan. That her clutch mother kicked her out of the nest because she was
mean. But I told him he was wrong. That Elvie was my friend, and I like
her. Even if she did just appear at the portal one day with her strange

Her mother lifted her head and looked back at Arante. The sadness in her
mother's eyes made Arante stop her begging, but only for a moment. It
seemed to Arante that there was something about the special dragons, and
the naka too, who had been arriving in the world in small groups recently
that made the elders both sad and happy. But the elders would only talk
about the happy parts. Arante was a curious little dragon and wanted to
know the sad part too.

"Alright, Arante. But just once. And no questions, do you understand?"

"But maaa... ," she started to protest, but a light flick of her mother's
tail on her snout silenced her.

"I mean it,"  her mother snapped. "I will tell you Elvie's story, once, no
questions or interruptions from you, but then you have to promise me that
it's off to sleep with you."

"Alright," Arante replied, and settled her head onto her mother's side
again, trying to hide her triumphant smile.

In a soft, low voice her mother began to speak...

"Elvie's story is not strange, as you called it. Nor is she truly an
orphan. She did come from a land called Unity. And we are all very glad she
did, and welcome her and others from this land to join us in the battle
against the Aegis.

Once, many many years ago, when Istara and the gods created Istaria, they
looked upon the land and all it's peoples and saw that the land which they
made, abundant though it was, would be taxed over much by the presence of
so many dragons and naka-duskael. And so, in her wisdom, Istara formed many
worlds for her people.

One world she called Chaos, for that world and quickly filled with such a
wide variety of dragons and naka that there were often conflicts even among
the Gifted. Another she called Order, for here the people all agreed to
follow a strict set of rules and guidelines of behavior, such that even
when conflict did arise there, the rules which governed the people there
allowed for faster resolution of conflict. A third land, called Unity, was
a land set far away from either Chaos or Order. So far off, in fact, that
Istara appointed some lesser gods to watch over her people there, for she
knew that she could not fulfill her duties well to people so far from her.

And so it was that time passed. Those who had created Chaos and Order gave
guidance to those appointed to watch over Unity. And those who lived and
fought the Aegis in all three lands were content with their lives. But
sadly, not long before you were born, those who lived in the land called
Unity disappeared into a great abyss. Those appointed to watch over Unity
grew silent, and none knew of the fate of our Unitarian brethren for many,
many a long month.

But we remained hopeful, looking to the gods of our world for answers. And
slowly, that ray of hope began to grow brighter. The Unitarians were not
totally lost, though there world was shattered beyond repair. They were
trapped, caught between worlds, because their souls were bound to a world
that no longer existed.

But our gods are clever and resourceful, and soon word came that they had
found a way to break the binding to the shattered world so that those from
Unity could come to cross over. And we began to hear them crying out,
calling from far off, asking our gods to bring their lost souls into our
world. And so the gods did, my hatchling.

But the Unitarians lost much when their souls broke from Unity. They lost
their homes, they lost possessions, and yes, they lost many whom they
called family and friend. And so, in their wisdom, the elders of this
community and many others, have chosen to give them a home here. To welcome
them as brother and sister as though they had been born to our world.�

"But mother, Bal says he'll never get a lair of his own because dragons
like Elvie will take all the good ones," Arante blurted out, forgetting
that she was not supposed to speak.

"Now, Arante, you and I both know that is not true."  Her mother's voice
was firm, but did not sound angry. "It is important that we make Elvie feel
welcome in our community. We need her, and those who come with her, in the
war against the Aegis. The Aegis have been too quiet for too long, my
hatchling. This peace will not last.

And you know as well as I that the elders have learned much about the
shaping of lairs this past year. We may have to search far, and I cannot
promise that the one we find will be as grand as this one is. But when the
time is right, we will find a lair for you. Remember, my hatchie, that we
have learned to dig our lairs into the sides of hills and mountains we
previously thought would not hold lairs. If we don't find anything that
already had an opening created, then we will simply find somewhere that a
new one could be started. We might have need to pray to the gods for their
aid in forming such an opening, but there will be a lair for you.

Now, sleep. And dream of new friends, new adventures."

And that is exactly what Arante did.


(any missed format marks are my fault.  the post is a copy of a copy of an email.)

krianos quests - pelts for the peddler 2

Posted by velveeta Wednesday August 17 2016 at 4:47PM
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if you remember, the town marshals of new trismus and kion have a bit of a rivalry going on, as regards the collection of wolf pelts.  since we have already done the culling for new tris, krianos would like us to perfom the same service for him.

find krianos on his patrol route around the incoming port pad.  speak to him to select the 'pelts for the peddler 2' quest and hear the details.  check your quest journal and chat log for more info, as normal.

an important note:  this quest is an older one, and hasn't been updated for the redesign.  you are told to look for the greymanes on the west side of the island, however!  that is not where they are.  they are actually on the east coast area, very near the beach.  

to get to them, starting at the port pad, head up the road until you get to the crossroads below the manor house on the hill.  take the left hand fork and stay on this road, going past the flax field and fabric workstation, past bessie the grulet and her obnoxious children, swing around the corner in front of the ranger camp, and you will be right at the top of the greymane patrol area.  

greymanes shouldn't be that difficult to solo for 15+ players.  they don't aggro (or i should say, they don't aggro at a great distance - if one wonders by while you are attacking a pack mate, the passerby will join in the fray) and they are spaced far enough apart that you can run back to the ranger's camp if you need a break.  as always, i recommend a group or a babysitter - it just makes things so much easier - but you shouldn't NEED one if you are capable of taking on a single wolf, or better yet, a pair.

lay about the place (you can find greymanes all thru the forest area, all the way to the very edge of the beach), checking your quest journal periodically, as the greymanes respawn at a very decent rate - not too fast, not too slow - and it can be easy with all the running around to lose count.  

once you have your 20 wolves written in the ded book, just retrace your steps past the ranger camp and the fws/flax field, until you reach the desert area of kion proper.  from here, you can stay on the road or you can take the shortcut by running down the sand dune directly to the port pad area where the kion town marshal patrols.  approach the saris and let him know you have completed your mission to get your reward.  he's a bit miffed you didn't bring back pelts, but hey!  he didn't say to, did he?


hope you enjoyed this little adventure, at least enough to join me again soon for another!  see you then!

krianos quests - maggot infestation

Posted by velveeta Sunday August 7 2016 at 6:26PM
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since it is time to move on from new trismus, our next port of call will be the low level town of kion, home of the saris and my personal fave city in the game.  the town marshal of kion is named krianos, and his patrol area is right at the incoming port pad.

but i get ahead of myself.  assuming you are still on nt, get to the port area, and choose kion from the list.  as i said, krianos patrols the area adjacent to the incoming pad, so he is quite easy to find.

speak to the saris as usual to get the lowdown on kion and its inhabitants, and to access the quest list.  we are gonna start with the first quest we see, the 'maggot infestation' town marshal quest.  as you can see, this quest takes you to an island off the west coast of the main island, very near the 'border' of kion area and sslanis area, omenously called the isle of the drowned.

therefore, listen to krianos as he gives you the story, and check your quest journal for any further details.  

now, there is an easy way and a long way to get to the isle.  i will show you the long way getting there and the short way back.  with that in mind, head to the beach area (conversely, you can take the western road out of town - but that has several turnings that you can easily miss and end up somewhere you very much didn't expect to be) and run thru the sand beets until you get to the settlement of parsinia.  the easy way cuts out the long run by using the kion ports to the settlement of parsinia, with the pads right next to the road. either way, from this point, stay on the road until you start to see green - this is the border between the desert rose of kion and the emerald green of sslanis.  keep running on the road, head over the bridge and go past the crossroads with the boulder signposts.  a short time down the road past those, and you will see some gruoks on the right and the beginnings of a sandstone field (longtime readers have been here before) populated with golems.  if you are low level, stay on the road and don't stop - both those creatures aggro.

when you see the gols, tho, you are very close to your next run.  on your right, you should see the cliffy start of a land bridge.  you need to cross this natural bridge to reach the island of the drowned.  be cautious, tho, as the bridge is rocky and it is easy to get disoriented.  do not stray too close to the sides, it is quite easy to not see over the edge of a rock you are climbing and end up in the ocean.  chances are not very good that you would get air before you became one of the isle's notables.....  the land smooths out a bit at the isle end, and it should be relatively easy to find the wood bridge to access the isle itself.  head thru the left hand set of valleys, always moving westerly.

now for the really bad news - there is very. very little chance of a low level doing this quest solo.  the maggots, which aggro, share a roving area with swarms of biting flies - which aggro - and the creatures formerly known as fyakki - which aggro.  all these creatures are at least level 13.  you will need either a large group of other low levels in a co-op arrangement or a very good and attentive bodyguard(s).  i am not joking about this!!! 

anyhoo, lay about the place until you have fought off enough fyakki and flies to kill 20 maggots.  personally, i cast swift feet and hoofed it out of there on the qt, because i was tired of being ganked, but however you do it, go back over the wood and land bridges, head back down the road past the signstones and over the bridge, until you reach the parsinia port area.  don't be weird - take the ports back.  or you can always attune to kion shrine before leaving, that's prolly the best idea.

find krianos and speak to him to get your reward!

and that's our first kion town marshal quest.  come back soon for another fun time!