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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

the prestige adventure skewls - blood mage

Posted by velveeta Friday August 14 2015 at 7:23PM
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today, we will meet the prestige skewl of blood mage.  blood mages use their own life force to power their spells.  therefore, before speaking to one of the two trainers, you must be level 20 and have a spirit level of at least 200.  the only non prestige skewl to level spirit is the spiritist skewl, so it is wisest to take spiritist to at least level 20.

as noted above, there are 2 blood mage trainers.  one is quite easy to get to, one is most assured not.  let's start with the easy one, shall we?

when you are ready to become a member of the order of blood mages, you can seek out kreezost in sslanis.   the sslik is very easy to find - it is located in the back room of the first hut next to the incoming port pad.  approach it and it will talk to you about what it takes to be a blood mage. 

the other trainer is kera, and she is currently residing in her rooms inside a cave on the floating island.  just getting to her is an adventure - one you could very well have to do a couple times if you make a misstep.  first off, you have to get to the floating island.  to do that, you have to start in tazoon (unless, of course, you can fly).  from the incoming port pad, you need to head north - crossing the bridges over the creek to do so - until you come to the portal for the island.  once thru the portal, you will be at the 'bottom' end of the island, standing on pavement, near a dais with an outgoing portal on your right and a road with a high bridge over deep ravines, leading to a temple like structure at the other end. the island is surrounded by high cliffs, and it is under one of these cliffs that you will find the cave you need.  take the road to your left and go over the bridge.  at the very bottom, turn to the right and follow the guardrail to where the built area ends and the cliffs begin.  here's where you have to be careful - one wrong step and you could fall off the island altogether, and you would have to start all over again, unless, as i said, you can fly.  make your way around the cliff until you reach the cave entrance.  enter the cave, go thru the curtain, and head for the back of the room.  kera is in a workroom, the first one on the right of the entrance.  the human female will enter you into the order of blood mages, and has some quests for you to perform in that capacity.


well, that's enough exploration for right now.  jon me again soon to meet another prestige skewl and the trainers for it.  see you then!