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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

the prestige adventure skewls - battle mage

Posted by velveeta Tuesday August 4 2015 at 9:32PM
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all we have left to explore are the prestige adventure skewls.  all of these skewls require at least 2 requirements to join, mostly from a certain level of skill in an ability from a basic or hybrid skewl.  to start with and to illustrate this, today we will meet the trainers of the battle mage skewl.  to become a battle mage, you must have at least a skill level of 150 in one hand slash (approximately warrior level 15) and 200 in flame (about level 20 in mage) before seeking out a trainer.

since we hardly ever have the occasion to visit the imperial capitol of tazoon, let's kick all this off there.  altho ithe city has been rearranged and vastly depopulated, you can still find some peeps there.  among them is revanus.  this male elf once lived in feladan, and sometimes gets confused as to where he is, but there is none better to teach the ways of the fighting magicuser.   the old battle mage is located in the big blue domed building near the incoming port pad, altho the way to get to him is windy.  from the pad, go thru the south arch (your right hand side) and go down the street.  turn left and go thru the gate into the large courtyard - in front of you will be the blue dome of revanus' building.  after ascending the ramp, you will see the trainer directly opposite the doorway.  approach him to talk about joining the legions of battle mages - he is happy to explain the requirements to you. 

the other battle mage trainer - and his apprentice - can be found in dalimond.  the trainer, dreveon, seems to have set up shop in the tavern, directly west of the port pad.  go to the entrance and thru the door - after turning left, you should see the vault area on your left and the tavern area strait ahead.  the male human is lingering near the barrels, no doubt running up a tab.  speak to him about becoming a battle mage.

also in dalimond is dreveon's disapproving apprentice, dreagan.  while he can't get you into battle mage training, you will be seeing him again for quests.  he is standing in the courtyard of the academy of magic, northeast of the tavern.  head east on the main road, around the fabric trainers' building, and up the ramp into the academy.  dreagan is behind and to the right of doc brown, and currently doesn't have many nice things to say about his mentor......

so starts our grand adventure.  i hope you enjoyed it enough to join me again soon for another!  see you then.