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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

drain strike trainer

Posted by velveeta Friday August 23 2013 at 8:14PM
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once you have visited luadius, it is time to meet the other trainer who shares cave 2 - severant the drain strike trainer.  drain strike, as you might infer from the name, siphons some energy from your opponent and gives it back to you as hitpoints.

severant is in the lower level of the cave - turn right when entering the cave and head down the ramp.  at the bottom, you will meet the trainer.

speak to the trainer to get your level appropriate quest.  I forgot to take the screenie, so I had to fetch it from the chat log, which I post here:

Available Quests:  Drain Strike VIII:  Another Strange Oastic

 Severant tells you, 'I apologize for treating you as I did the last time you approached me for training.  We are all given different roles in life, and mine is to train others in how to drain the life from enemies and use it to heal yourself.  Your Drain Strike ability is an important one in your arsenal, and I should have recognized that.  I still, however, must test your worthiness before I can simply train you in this ability further.  So seek out the Forest Oastics that make their home in the Yew Forests west of the Eastern Outpost.'

You have received a new quest - 'Drain Strike VIII: Another Strange Oastic'.

check your quest journal for more details, of course.  my quest is to take out some oastics in the yew forest near the eastern outpost - a very dangerous area, full of high level withered aegis, not to mention the yew treants.  a deadly place - take a party with you!!!  make sure it includes a healer or three.......

and that's where you will find the accurate breath and drain strike trainers.  come back next time to find out who is in the next cave!! writes:
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