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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

more in the 'tales of a blight dragon' saga, by brightcat

Posted by velveeta Saturday August 25 2012 at 4:37PM
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reminder:  this is original work from brightcat of istaria.  i make no claims of ownership or rights.









finding the gem cave and gws

Posted by velveeta Tuesday August 14 2012 at 3:47PM
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now that you have made the bronze bars, you need some garnets to make your new claw.   finding the gem cave can be tricky - it is very easy to run right past it without realizing.

from the mws, go back down the hill to the road thru the cedars.  you have already gone by the gem cave - it is right at the beginning of the sandstone field.  so pass by the windmill and stay on that road until you emerge at the crossroads that indicate your arrival and the sandstone field.  on your left should be the gem cave, unless you have gone to far.  if you make it to the sws, you need to back up to the crossroads.  once inside the cave, you head down a long corridor opening up onto a large cavern with gem nodes all over. this cave holds turquoise and malachite as well as garnet.  the corridor you see in the middle right of the screenie leads to another cavern with rich and motherload nodes.  activate your quarrying ability (you have them all hotkeyed by now, i am assuming) and get to work.

once you have dug up some raw garnets, you need to process, or cut, them.  this requires a gws, or at least a gem cutting table.  fortunately, there is one mere steps from the gem cave.  exit the cave next to the crossroads.  you should see the very top of the gws from the cave mouth.  continue down that road and you will end up (literally, the gws is on the edge of a cliff) at the gem workstation. 

you will meet some biped trainers hanging around the gws, but you need the machines inside the ws.  step up to the cutting bench and activate your gemcutting ability.  pull up your gem form and choose garnet, of course.  once you have made your 12 cut garnets, your game log and quest journal update, instructing you to return to kerian for further directions.

tune in next time to find out how it all ends!!  ;-}

creating an upgraded claw

Posted by velveeta Friday August 10 2012 at 5:37PM
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avariatus is done with you for the moment, so he sends you to kerian.  kerian, of course, has a crafting quest for you!

the dragon crafter greets you and lets you know that you need a new claw.  making one requires 2 finished resources - bronze bars and cut garnets.  this requires you find the copper and tin field with a metal workstation and the gem mine with a gem workstation for the garnets.

finding the ore field is easy - you already know how to get there!  take the resource road out of town and head thru the first cedar field until you get to the crossroad.  there you will see the stone marker indicating the ore field direction, and prolly will see some nodes nearby.

you can hack away at the ore now, or you can continue up the road.  at the top of the hill, you will find a biped mws (my shorthand for metal workstation.  gws is gem workstation, sws is stone workstation, etc.) with a smelter.  you can use the ped smelter to make the bars, but when making dragon specific items, you will need a scale forge - more on that later. make sure you check your game log and quest journal to make sure your quest updated when you find the field.

activate your mining ability and hack away at the nodes until you have the required raw ore.  return to the mws and move to the smelter.  if you have your formulas hotkeyed, select the metal bar key and open up the bronze bar item.  make your needed 24 bars.

once you have made the bars, your game log and quest journal update to advise you to find the gem mine for the garnets.  tell you about those soon!


meeting beets for the first time.

Posted by velveeta Wednesday August 8 2012 at 3:30PM
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once you are done with the gruoks, avariatus introduces you to an innate dragon ability called tailwhip.  personally, i like tailwhip.  i am not a powergamer, so that is prolly why.  it is not a huge, game changing ability, but it does come in handy, especially in combo with some awesome buffs and/or gifts.

anyway, the dragon trainer wants you to try out your tailwhip on some grass beetles.  checking your quest journal will show you that you had to pass the beets to get to the grouks, so the way there should be familiar by now.  just take the monster road past the gaurd house, under the stone arch, and look for the huge tree with the three branching roots.  there be beetles.

now, beets are not necessarily tough one on one, but they aggro.  viciously and with much enthusiasm.  however, with caution and a little judicious backing off when needed, you shouldn't need any help to take the required beets alone, if you need.  as usual, you will get a combat log alert and a quest journal update when you do.

returning to avariatus, the dragon trainer congratulates you on a job well done, and rewards you with some hoard.  there is also the instruction to go see kerian, for your next job!

tell you more about it next time!