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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

crafting in parsinia - guards

Posted by velveeta Wednesday August 11 2010 at 12:00AM
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i guess i should have started this series with some sort of explanation as to what makes a good crafting location for me.  its really simple - i only have 3 guidelines.

1)  is the location guarded?

2)  does it have a complete workstation in close proximity?  addendum to this would be:  are there public silos/storage buildings nearby as well?

3)  how far a run is it to the nearest outgoing portal?

number one is really a 'nuisance' guideline.  at my uber levels, i can handle most of the critters guarding resources by myself, but it may require being out of cargo clothes and carrying my weapons in inventory, leaving less room for resources.  at the lower levels, i can take on the golems and treants that guard most basic resources in cargo gear and barehanded, but critters like marble golems and maple treants require running around (not easy to do with even the fastest cargo disk) them or taking them on, usually both.

number two and three are the most important requirements.  having to fight off critters just to run a load of resources 5 realtime minutes to the nearest workstation is not a deal i can live with.  all my fave places to craft have either game workstations or player plots handy (as you will see with snowfall and the aug granite field).  this is prolly the most important of my 3 requirements, as the others can be worked around.  its mostly the same with the portal thing - altho with buffs and the proper speed techs, i am willing to travel a bit farther to a port, as long as i have a full load of finished resources (construction stuff like keystones, joints, etc.) [the example coming to immediate mind is the elm field outside of dalimond - unguarded and with a complete wws right on the road - the portal is a bit of a run to the town portal, but it is worth it to my mind].

with all that in mind, let me illustrate number one with the well guarded sandstone quarry in parsinia.

the parsinia quarry area includes a metal resource (bronze making) just above the sandstone, so both sandstone golems and bronze golems roam in great numbers (i am facing a sandstone gol and on my left is a bronze).  i mean GREAT.  this is not a place for lower levels to harvest solo, altho all the resources found in the area are first tier.  this area requires a large group of low levels or a higher level babysitter.  the sandstone gols run from about level 5 to about 11 or 12 (pebbles is the named, but i forget his level at the moment).  the bronzes run mid to high teens, at least.  the sandstone gols also patrol the road the runs below the quarry that passes by the sws.

but i don't worry about them.  at my level, it just takes 2 hits max with my bare hands and they are written in the ded book!

next time, i will show you the workstation that makes it all worth it!