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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the gods speak, and we listen!

Posted by velveeta Friday August 27 2010 at 11:25AM
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developer's desk, fall 2010:

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over. As people young and old prepare to return to study, I found myself thinking back to my own first days of elementary school and the mixture of excitement of what’s to come, and disappointment that the fun of summer was coming to an end. And, of course, I thought of those dreaded “What I did last summer” essays that it seemed every teacher would ask us to write. So while this edition of the “From the Developer’s Desk” will have some of that “what we did last summer” essay, I’m going to focus more on the future and what’s coming this fall because it is much more exciting!

Sometime last spring the team decided.....



and its not complete without the old back and forth!!!



august 2010 content update:


  • Quest "Vandus Confederation: Traitor in the Midst II" is now offered by Mayor Micklin Vandus in Dalimond
  • Imperial Quartermaster Frig Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost has been authorized to carry new Cargo Disk formulas: Master Tarbash, Master Tarbash Compact, Master Standish, Master Standish Deluxe, Master Standard and Master Deluxe formulas.
  • Nielenoss has taken the Master designs and perfected his own - Master Flying Cargo Disk, Master Cargo Disk Flyer, as well as the needed components, Master Laminate, Master Energized Azulyte, Master Imbued Brick and Master Engraving.
  • Tier 6 Cargo Disks can now be used by players with the proper Craft Rating. Please note, this is Rating, not School Level. KNOWN ISSUE: The required rating does not currently appear on Tier 6 Cargo Disks. However, it is a natural 20 levels above the Tier 5 version (most are 105, 115 or 120).
  • Noncas Fizzlebot the Tinkerer in Aughundell has acquired Master-level formulas for Hinges, Springs and Struts.
  • Reports are circulating that Ish'kuk Gatherers and even a Chieftain have been spotted atop the Dalimond Ridge.
  • A new Fletcher Trainer, Dalzar Straightshot, has arrived in Aughundell to train Expert-level Fletchers.
  • Scholar Trainers on Lesser Aradoth and the Dalimond Penisula have acquired the remainder of the Tier 2 scrolls (Resistances, Wards, Enhances, and Raises).

Changes......... includes player responses.....

crafting in snowfall

Posted by velveeta Sunday August 22 2010 at 3:56PM
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since i am finished with the t1 stone, sandstone, it is time to move on to the t2 slate.  the mostest awesomest place in the whole world to do that is snowfall, a suburb of the frostly city of mahagra, home of the half giants.

keep in mind that i live on the blight (testing) shard, so the player plot i use to craft does not exist on the other shards, altho it is highly probable that there is a comparable plot in the same location - that's prime real estate, that is!

so here we go!  from the main town port in bristugo, select the mahagra destination.  when you pop up on the pad, turn to face the southwest road out of the town proper.  as you can see from the map, it's just a short run right on the road to snowfall.

on blight, a player has a 'godplot' right next to the slate field.  it has all expert level shops (according to their level, shops give crafting bonuses - as you would think, this can be significant.) and is loaded with t6 (the highest tier available) silos, as you can see.  a godplot is a plot that was, in part or in whole, completed by a developer.  this is not done anymore - it's a long story, one too long to be recalled here.  if your interest is piqued, you are welcome to browse the forums or drop me a comment with a question, and i can try to briefly answer it.

once you reach the godplot, you just need to run up the hill you see before you (in the screenie you can see a couple slate nodes to the center left) to be in the middle of the slate field.  it is not as productive as it once was (another one of those long stories), but still more than sufficient for blight's population.  in addition, as the devs keep reminding us, it is not the only place to craft slate in the world.

once you have a full load, just jog down the hill to the sws on the plot (be careful where you jump off - maha is an area of very tall mountains and if you fall off the wrong area, its a long long run back to town with some nasties on the way).  the silos are public - anyone can access them.  common courtesy rules apply, it should go without saying (but doesn't).......

once you are ready to cart your finished products to where ever, simply jump back on the road northwest to town and port to your destination.

all i needed to finish the stone walls on my plot was some slate blox, so once they were down, it was a nice visual of progess.  here are the front walls, and here are the back walls, separating the public industrial section from the private storage.  the scaffolds you see are the various workstations and buildings still under construction.

and that's pretty much it for snowfall.  as with most places, there are other resources in the area, including iron and steel.  i have to check acul again, otherwise we will be visiting this area later.  for now, i will be moving on to aughendell and its granite field in my next series of posts.

crafting in parsinia - sws

Posted by velveeta Saturday August 14 2010 at 9:16PM
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for my last post on parsinia, let me show you what makes playtime with the gols worth it - the complete stone workstation conveniently located on site!

if you are in the quarry itself, you need to head to the south end of the quarry and run down the side of the cliff to get to the sws the fast way (you can see the roof of the sws in the second screenie bottom center - it looks like i am standing on it).  be careful tho, some of the more adventurous sandstone gols like to come all the way up to the sws and play with the crafters.....

once you have gotten to the bottom of the valley and avoided the gols, you can proceed to the sws.

after crafting, you can either head west to the main road and head to parsinia to port, avoiding the gols on the road (and making sure you cast swift feet to help with that!!) - or you can use my semisecret shortcut to the quarry.

normally, peeps think they have to travel along the cliffs until they come to the entrance to the quarry.  well, this way has too many gols for my taste, so i discovered a short cut up the cliffside next to the sws.  now, this shortcut is kinda tricky to do the first couple times, but once you get the hang of it, its totally awesome!

first off, you have to use the manual run keys for this, no autorun - if you use autorun, you will never stay still long enough to jump up the 'sweet spot'.  so here's the trick:  right next to the sws is a upward cliff (as the screenie shows, you want to be facing kinda nne looking up to the quarry area).  run up this cliff until you came to an area where is seems you can't go any higher, but near you should be a v shaped area where the cliffs meet.  you have to jump for it from here, so hold down the jump (q) key and use your arrow keys to move your alt so that you start to jumprun up the cliff in the middle of the v.  a slight jog to the left when you get near the top and you are there!

well, my dears, i think that pretty much covers the sandstone quarry in kion's parsinia settlement.  you can gather other tier 1 resources in the same area, some in total safety, but i really only use it for sandstone gathering, as i have other places to gather the other stuff.

my next post will be about the slate gathering in snowfall.  so totally simple, will only need one post for that!  hope to see you soon!

crafting in parsinia - guards

Posted by velveeta Tuesday August 10 2010 at 11:00PM
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i guess i should have started this series with some sort of explanation as to what makes a good crafting location for me.  its really simple - i only have 3 guidelines.

1)  is the location guarded?

2)  does it have a complete workstation in close proximity?  addendum to this would be:  are there public silos/storage buildings nearby as well?

3)  how far a run is it to the nearest outgoing portal?

number one is really a 'nuisance' guideline.  at my uber levels, i can handle most of the critters guarding resources by myself, but it may require being out of cargo clothes and carrying my weapons in inventory, leaving less room for resources.  at the lower levels, i can take on the golems and treants that guard most basic resources in cargo gear and barehanded, but critters like marble golems and maple treants require running around (not easy to do with even the fastest cargo disk) them or taking them on, usually both.

number two and three are the most important requirements.  having to fight off critters just to run a load of resources 5 realtime minutes to the nearest workstation is not a deal i can live with.  all my fave places to craft have either game workstations or player plots handy (as you will see with snowfall and the aug granite field).  this is prolly the most important of my 3 requirements, as the others can be worked around.  its mostly the same with the portal thing - altho with buffs and the proper speed techs, i am willing to travel a bit farther to a port, as long as i have a full load of finished resources (construction stuff like keystones, joints, etc.) [the example coming to immediate mind is the elm field outside of dalimond - unguarded and with a complete wws right on the road - the portal is a bit of a run to the town portal, but it is worth it to my mind].

with all that in mind, let me illustrate number one with the well guarded sandstone quarry in parsinia.

the parsinia quarry area includes a metal resource (bronze making) just above the sandstone, so both sandstone golems and bronze golems roam in great numbers (i am facing a sandstone gol and on my left is a bronze).  i mean GREAT.  this is not a place for lower levels to harvest solo, altho all the resources found in the area are first tier.  this area requires a large group of low levels or a higher level babysitter.  the sandstone gols run from about level 5 to about 11 or 12 (pebbles is the named, but i forget his level at the moment).  the bronzes run mid to high teens, at least.  the sandstone gols also patrol the road the runs below the quarry that passes by the sws.

but i don't worry about them.  at my level, it just takes 2 hits max with my bare hands and they are written in the ded book!

next time, i will show you the workstation that makes it all worth it!