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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

chiconis town marshal - beautiful wood

Posted by velveeta Friday July 27 2018 at 11:03PM
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today, we will explore the 'beautiful wood' quest.  it's a fairly easy quest for the appropriate level character, so a good one for those who would like to get paid to practice battle tactics.  we are going after treants, which i used to hunt A LOT,  and are the reason i favor bludgeoning weapons - i like to say that some things are resistant to arrows or swords, but everything is susceptible to getting the crap beat out of it.

we begin, as always, by approaching clerash and greeting him.  choose the quest from the list, accept it, and check the speech and your quest journal for the details.

for this quest, we need to hunt elm treants.  they are quite close, relatively speaking, but you will have to run thru a bunch of ruxus (avoid them, unless you want the xp) and can easily stray into dangerous territory (the dark forest itself is swarming with spiders, and the northwest border is patrolled by wolves.

so, in order to get there, head for the pass directly behind clerash, past the portal.  there will be ruxus all along the way, but just keep heading in a westerly direction.  take the time to buff up, using swift feet if you have it, to speed thru the ruxus.  you will need to climb over some hills until you reach the dirt road running thru the dark forest.  when you see the kenaf field, you are there!  if you go right, you will enter the dark forest proper.  we want to head left; that is the start of the elm treant territory.  run down the road a little way until you see the trees and the tops of crankenspank's tomb towers.

there are 4 types of treants in the territory, and they all count for the quest.  the first type you will prolly run into is the sapling, obviously the easiest type to hunt.  next is the regular treant, then the massive, and finally, the toughest treant is the enraged.  treants are easy to hunt, tho.  they don't gangup (unless one wanders into an ongoing battle) and their aggro range is extremely small, like practically non existent.

as i say, pretty easy.  just run along the road, taking out treants at will (they can get kind of scarce in spots, so you will have to keep moving to find more).  you can spend some time soaking in crankenspank's tomb as a break, just avoid the undead that guard it.  you will also find some useful workstations at the southern end of the territory, with some pale wisps floating amongst the trees and treants.  treants aren't always moving, either - keep a look out for inactive treants, they are easy to get free hits on.

while taking out the treants, don't forget to loot.  treants drop scions as trophy loot, and they are nicely lucrative when sold to the trophy hunters in town.

all you have to do is hunt down treants, leaving them in your wake until you have the needed 20 written in the ded book.  head back to chiconis and clerash, regreet the mighty dragon, and get your reward for a job well done.

that's one more town marshal quest down.  still have a few more here in chiconis, so i hope you come back for them!  see you soon with a new one.


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