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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

chiconis town marshall - sal'guk marching

Posted by velveeta Sunday July 22 2018 at 1:34PM
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(i had toyed with the idea of making this a 2 parter, as it is very screenie intensive.  but most of it is just a rehash of how to get to a place we have been before, and there is no good place to split it, so here we go with a long and/or screenie filled blog!)

the quest we will be doing today is called 'sal'guk marching'.  it is a deceptively simple hunting quest - early advice is to have a group or babysitter, cause this one will hurt!

once more, we stand in front of the mighty clerash, so greet the dragon and listen to the story he tells.  choose the quest from the list, accept it when asked, and get the details from clerash and your quest journal.

we are given the choice of hunting grounds - scorpion island or abandoned isle.  long time readers of this blog know either destination is reachable for us (because we have done the abandoned isle attunement tour), so the choice of where to hunt is up to personal taste.  i chose scorpion island, because it is marginally safer than abandoned isle, at least as regards incidental critters to interrupt and ruin your day.  you will still run into nasties, just not nearly as many and they will be much easier to avoid.

by now, we are aware that there are 2 portals in chiconis - the one directly behind clerash and the one on the other side of the road, near the guard post.  i want to apologize for not revealing this little (not so) secret portal tip before, and hope you forgive me.  when you first get to a portal and the destination list pops up, it is often disordered - random locations are listed.  you can make the destinations list in alphabetical order by clicking the 'region' tab.  the list will then reorder to an alphabetical sort, region>destination.  you can now scroll down to the scorpion island ports, choose the darvus destination, and emerge in the settlement.

once you land, turn toward the south southwest until you can see the hill with the lair entrance, near the outgoing portal.  go up the hill and over the lair - ahead of you will be a forest.  keep running in a generally ssw direction, thru the elm forest and the kenaf fields after that.

there are 2 paths up the mountain - a south and a north path.  if you maintain the ssw course from darvus, you will soon reach the road running around the mountain and near the start of the way up the southern path.  just keep following the road up the mountain, continuing when the path turns icy.  at this point, you are quite near the top of the mountain.

when we were here last, we took the right hand fork to hunt on the peak of tranquillity.  today, we will be turning to the left, heading thru wolf territory and staying on the road as it curves around thru the forest.  soon, you will see some stone pillars in a low point, just after a fork in the road leading up a hill.  the sal'guks live in this low point and along the road leading to the peak of annadas; up the hill road is the patrol area of the named sal'guk chief, gersei.

oh yeah, before we get into it, don't forget to buff!  

i needed a good warmup and i was interested to see if gersei counts for the quest, so i drew a bead on him and took a couple shots.  when he was close enough, i switched to melee until i had taken him down (he's tough, so keep that in mind), then i made sure to loot the corpse.  i checked the journal to see that gersei had, indeed, counted for the 20 required.

after you take out gersei (or if you decide to leave him alone), head into the low area by following the road.  you will run into sal'guk gatherers in this area - the easiest ones to take out.  easiest doesnt mean easy, tho.  all sal'guks have a very large aggro range and they love to party.  they also have a very fast respawn - you will finish one fight, only to discover the foes had come back and snuck up on you.  

further up the road, thru the pillars and up to the peak itself, the tougher warriors roam.  they behave the same as the gatherers in a fight, they just hit much harder.  you might be able to draw the first one in, but you will need to rely on melee for the most part.  it will take you a lot of time and strategy if you are on your own, but eventually, you will get your needed 20.  i stopped on my way out to take out gersei one last time to complete the mission.

all that remains is to recall back to chiconis, make the short run to clerash, regreet the town marshal, and get your just reward for all your hard work.

yikes, that was a long one, eh?  i hope you enjoyed spending the time.  join me again soon for another fun quest!


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