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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - honored dead

Posted by velveeta Saturday July 29 2017 at 6:22PM
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the ssoren quest we will be doing today is called 'honored dead'.  due to both the location and the types of nasties you will (or have the misfortunate opportunity to) encounter, a large group and/or a couple babysitters will be needed for a low level attempting this quest.  also, this is one of the adventures that you definitely want to be bound to the sslanis shrine for, because once you have the required dead, you want to get out of there asap.

but i get ahead of myself, first we have to get started.  approach ssoren on its porch patrol and greet, as normal.  choose 'honored dead' from the list and accept the quest.  ssoren will tell you more and, of course, your quest journal will have some details.

the info you are given says the isle of the drowned is west of parsinia, which to us means near the sandstone quarry and the golems that inhabit the area.  so take the west coast road (remember about the undead nasties all along the road) until you see some rocks sticking up from the left side of the road, seemingly unconnected and impassable.  deep under the water, you can see a land bridge - so screw up your courage and just take off!  for the first few steps, you may have serious doubts, but shortly, the illusion will pop and you will be on safe, dry land.  periodically, the bridge will disappear from under you, but have faith and keep going, and you will soon reach an actual wooden bridge over a channel.

a word about the isle of the drowned.  this is a seriously dangerous place, even for mid level alts.  there are lots of different baddies all over it (as well as resources and a couple workstations, altho it is not a place you feel comfortable crafting) and they love to get in on any action going on.  in addition to the drowned crew (located on the east and north ends of the island), the south and west are patrolled by maggots, biting flies, straw blights, and fyakki - and they all patrol together.  they take no prisoners and show no mercy.  my advice is to avoid the whole area entirely.

to do that, once you are across the wood bridge, head immediately to the foothills to your right.  the mobs will be much thinner here, and easy to outrun - just keep an eye on them as you run thru the passes in the hills until you can see the beach.  chances are, you will also see the multitudes of drowned sailors waiting for you to arrive.  you will know you are close when you see the abandoned watch tower on the cliff above the beach.

here on the east side, you will deal mostly with 3 types of drowned sailors - the paladin, the druid, and the warrior.  individually, they are tough enough to deal with; unfortunately, as a group, they love to gang up on you, and even a circle of dead comrades doesn't deter them in the slightest.  the problem is not going to be getting your required 20 drowned, the problem is doing it without dying at least once.

eventually, tho, you will succeed at the task.  recall back to sslanis and regreet ssoren to receive your hard earned rewards.


whoo, glad that's done!  one more ssoren quest and then we move on to the human racial city of dalimond.  hope you join me again!