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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - walking nodes

Posted by velveeta Sunday July 23 2017 at 2:30PM
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the first non-marshal quest we will explore that ssoren gives is 'walking nodes'.  it's a simple quest that requires writing some sandstone gols into the ded book.  shouldn't be too much trouble for a low level to solo, especially if you can draw them to you.

find the sslik marshal on its porch and greet like normal.  accept the walking nodes quest, and check your quest journal for details.  you need to head for the sandstone quarry and take on 10 gols.

we had a similar town marshal quest (in fact, you needed to take out more gols for that one), so just a brief review of the route, mostly just to remind you of all the withered aegis along the way.  there are a lot of a lot of them, so run really fast if you don't have a bodyguard or a group (this is an excellent low level group adventure, by the way).  out the north gate and stay on the west coast road, running thru the baddies and the blighted areas, until you see the tree surrounded by boulders on the right side of the road.  this is the boundary marker for the beginning of the quarry area.

once past the tree, you will see the sandstone gols all over, either walking patrol or having a rest.  don't be shy, just walk up (or better yet, draw one) and start beating on one.  keep checking your quest journal for counts and don't forget to loot.  remember, you can always sell the trophies in most cities via the trophy hunters, who also give out trophy quests, which i am sure we will get around to doing at some point.  you should have your 10 in short order, as the gols don't have a real great aggro, and it is easy enough to engage one and then run to a more advantageous position to finish the attack.  when you receive notification that you have your required count, head back to sslanis.

you can't hardly forget about the baddies on the road (assuming you haven't bound to the sslanis shrine.  and if you haven't, whyever not??) until you go thru the gate and around the fort to the porch.  regreet the town marshal to get your coin and xp rewards.

there we go with the sandstone hunt.  join me soon for another fun quest!  hope to see you then.