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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

pratt quests - valor and vigilance

Posted by velveeta Tuesday July 26 2016 at 9:47PM
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as i told you before, this last steward pratt quest is not a town marshal quest, technically.  but i didn't want to leave poor pratt hanging, so we will do him this one last favor before we move on.  the quest is called 'valor and vigilance' - and it gives you the chance to be a hero of the town!

an aside - the above link is for the old version of this quest.  since the redesign of the island, this quest has also been redesigned.  the following is the current version of this quest.

as you are well aware by now, first you need to find pratt and greet him to get the quest list.  choose the valor quest and speak again to pratt to get the background story.  check your quest journal for details, as always.

the undead are literally just on the other side of the town walls.  therefore, the gap in the walls is easy to find - go behind the building that used to be the tavern, across from teh connie/pb tent.  you will see the remains of the old road.  directly behind the chimney, you will find the gap in the wall.  if you are lucky, you will pull a skelly or two thru it before you head out.  looking thru the gap, you can see the army of undead waiting for you, stepping thru the gap shows you the old road and the devastation of the area.  looking back orients you to the gap, as it can be hard to see in the heat of battle and/or flight.

a word about the undead, which prolly doesn't need to be said - they aggro.  aggresively.  if you are low level, you will need a bodyguard helper or you need a group.  getting 12 undead will be easy, doing it in one setting will not be.

however you do it, get your 12 undead and head back to pratt for your reward.

in the old days, you also got a title emblem = defender of new trismus, which you could equip and it would show as part of your name.  i already did this quest back in the old days, and have the emblem, so i do not know if you still get the full reward as stated on the wiki page, when you finish the quest the first time.  if you do this advent, please do leave a comment and let us all know.


well, that brings our time in new trismus to an end, at least for now.  join me next time, when we will travel to kion and see what trouble we can get into there.  hope to see you soon!!