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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

pratt quests - valor and vigilance

Posted by velveeta Tuesday July 26 2016 at 8:47PM
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as i told you before, this last steward pratt quest is not a town marshal quest, technically.  but i didn't want to leave poor pratt hanging, so we will do him this one last favor before we move on.  the quest is called 'valor and vigilance' - and it gives you the chance to be a hero of the town!

an aside - the above link is for the old version of this quest.  since the redesign of the island, this quest has also been redesigned.  the following is the current version of this quest.

as you are well aware by now, first you need to find pratt and greet him to get the quest list.  choose the valor quest and speak again to pratt to get the background story.  check your quest journal for details, as always.

the undead are literally just on the other side of the town walls.  therefore, the gap in the walls is easy to find - go behind the building that used to be the tavern, across from teh connie/pb tent.  you will see the remains of the old road.  directly behind the chimney, you will find the gap in the wall.  if you are lucky, you will pull a skelly or two thru it before you head out.  looking thru the gap, you can see the army of undead waiting for you, stepping thru the gap shows you the old road and the devastation of the area.  looking back orients you to the gap, as it can be hard to see in the heat of battle and/or flight.

a word about the undead, which prolly doesn't need to be said - they aggro.  aggresively.  if you are low level, you will need a bodyguard helper or you need a group.  getting 12 undead will be easy, doing it in one setting will not be.

however you do it, get your 12 undead and head back to pratt for your reward.

in the old days, you also got a title emblem = defender of new trismus, which you could equip and it would show as part of your name.  i already did this quest back in the old days, and have the emblem, so i do not know if you still get the full reward as stated on the wiki page, when you finish the quest the first time.  if you do this advent, please do leave a comment and let us all know.


well, that brings our time in new trismus to an end, at least for now.  join me next time, when we will travel to kion and see what trouble we can get into there.  hope to see you soon!!

pratt quests - healthy competition

Posted by velveeta Friday July 22 2016 at 6:07PM
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the last town marshal quest we have in new trismus is called 'healthy competition'.  locate pratt as usual and greet him to choose the quest from the list of availables.  greet him again to hear about the little friendly competition between him and krianos, the town marshal of kion - who you will come to know as well as pratt soon - over which one of them can get more grulets written in the ded book.  if you remember from previous quests, the grulets are located south of the town proper, on the road passed elden's ranch, where the flax flield starts.

remember, grulets love to aggro and don't care if it's suicide to do so.  they also respawn very quickly, so you will have no problem getting the needed 20, even if you have help.

return to pratt, which is easy, as all you have to do is avoid getting ganked by grulets until you are past the ranch, then strait on into town.  

greet pratt and tell him of your accomplishment so he can reward you.


so, that's it for the new trismus marshal quests.  astute readers will notice there is one more quest the good steward offers that is not a marshal quest.  just so my ocd doesn't bother me about it, we will do that quest next time as well.  there are still other quests from townsfolk to explore, so there is plenty for newbies to do before heading to kion - our next stop.  hope to see you soon!

pratt quests - pelts for the peddler

Posted by velveeta Sunday July 17 2016 at 12:58PM
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today's quest is called 'pelts for the peddlers', and it requires the hunting and killing of wolves infesting the cedar field outside of the town.  i have spoken in passing of the wolves, as they are on the way to other quest areas we have visited, but today we will get to know them pretty intimately......

find pratt where ever he is on his patrol about town, and speak to him as usual to get the details on the quest.  the quickest way to do this quest is to head for the cedar field, just out of town on the road to the ore field, past the portal and new shrine.  you will hear the wolves before you see them, but you will be able to start hunting directly from the road, if you so desire.  remember, wolves love to aggro, even high levelers, so hunt with a group or have a babysitter if you need.

sit about laying waste to the wolves, using your quest journal to keep track of the kills until you have the needed 20, then return to pratt, as directed.

get back to the steward by retracing your steps, past the port area and into town, and find him where ever he is in the old shrine area.  he is waiting to speak to you about your reward.  when you speak to him again, you will notice that the 'picking on the little guy' quest is available again, if you wish to do it again.  most town marshal quests (only the town marshal quests, in this case) become available again after a few days (not precisely sure, but i believe it is a weekly refresh).

i hope you will join me again soon for another town marshal quest.  see you then!

pratt quests - beetle mania

Posted by velveeta Thursday July 7 2016 at 4:57PM
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the next pratt quest we will do is called 'beetle mania'.  as you might suppose, you will be hunting beetles - your choice of grass or sand (renamed loricatus) beetles - or both, if you desire, i suppose.  you will find the sand beets, where else, on the beaches to the south and east of town (be careful if you decide to try the eastern shore, as you need to run thru troops of withered aegis to reach it); grass beets may be found, as we already know from our last meeting, just past the metal workstation in the far western ore field.  refer to the previous post - picking on the little guy - for instruction on how to get to the beets.  remember, they like to aggro!!

find pratt in his usual spot on patrol around the remains of the shrine and greet him as usual.  choose the beetle mania quest from the list, and listen to pratt prattle on.  check your quest journal and chat for particulars.  i chose to attack grass beets and headed to the ore field to hunt them.  

keep on killing until you have the required 20, then return to pratt.  he will express his thanks and give you a reward.


join me again soon for another exciting adventure!!  hope to see you then.