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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the hybrid 3 - the monk

Posted by velveeta Sunday July 12 2015 at 12:06AM
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between the basic 4 skewls and the many prestige skewls, istaria has 3 hybrid skewls.  where anyone can join the basic four, hybrid and prestige skewls have one or more requirements before an alt can join.  the 3 hybrid skewls each require one minimum skill level in a basic skewl, as per the blight delta 204 release notes (as near as i can figure, this release was in 2011):

  • MonkDruid and Spiritist schools are now considered hybrid (semi-prestige) schools. Their pre-requisites have been updated as follows:
    • Monk requires the character to be at least level 10 in the Warrior school.
    • Druid requires the character to be at least level 10 in the Cleric school.
    • Spiritist requires the character to be at least level 10 in Mage school.
with this in mind, and going a little off the usual track, today we will meet the only monk trainer, hasera steelclaw.  i chose to start with her because altho there is only one trainer, getting to her illustrates how sometimes hazardous it can be to find some of these trainers.  don't be afraid to explore - death points are easy to mitigate! 
as a saris, hasera is located in the vicinity of kion, on an island off the northwestern shore.  once you port in, head to the beach northwest of the pad, over the dunes.  run along the beach for a while - when you pass bammas the fisherman (after the trainers, i may do an exploration of questgivers.  if i do, we will be meeting bammas again), you should start to see the first 'hop' island on the way to the trainer's island.
at this point, we need to talk about drowning.  even bipeds can jump off the tallest building and land without a hint of damage.  everyone can, however, drown.  stay underwater long enough for your breath meter to run out, and you will recall to your bound shrine with a death point.  also, your speed is cut in half while moving underwater, so don't linger.  run to the 'hop' island from shore, restore your breath meter, then run to the large island.
sharing the island with hasera are the various scholars.  the scholars were moved from new trismus when the city came under siege.  they don't concern us right now, but we will meet them again if i do a quest series.  for now, go north past them, over the dune.  near the northern end of the island, you will find hasera at her training ground.  when you speak to her, as with all the hybrid and prestige skewl trainers, she will tell you the requirement to join the brotherhood of monks.  in this case, you must be at least 10th level in warrior to meet the needs of the monks.  
there we have our first trainer of the hybrid skewls.  i hope to see you next time, when we will meet the druid trainers!
velveeta writes:

monks are kewl.  i might have told you this story long ago, but i have a mortal enemy, isotope the boss cobalt golem.  for a long time, he and his minions tormented me in the kirasanct tundra while i was mining ore to make cob bars.  

one of my happiest days was when i advanced enough in monk to beat iso senseless with my bare hands (okay, i had hand wraps on, the equilivalent of a sword for a monk).  ah, that is a sweet memory....

Sun Jul 12 2015 12:29AM Report writes:
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