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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

what i did for my birthday

Posted by velveeta Wednesday July 4 2012 at 11:14AM
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yesterday was my birthday, so i spent it, as i usually do, at home in blight.  tuesday is maintain day for the live shards, so of course we had our 'fair weather' visitors - those from order or chaos who only come to blight when they have to, and then feel they have the right to tell us how to play our shard.  my faves are the one who complain and insult blight while begging us to make or 'lend' rare or precious items for their infrequent purposes.

yesterday's winner was the guy who complained about blight's low population and wide open empty places and the lack of roleplaying opportunity while begging us residents to make him sunscopes of every tier so that his hatchie could use a mod that allows him to wear visible armour (explanation: draggies wear amour, but you can't see it [biped capes are the same].  the mod would allow the user, and only the user - it's a mod, only usable on the client puter it is installed on, as i am sure you are aware - to see the armour he, and only he, was wearing).

btw - sunscopes are basically flashlights or lanterns.  alts carry them to see in the dark, but i have never needed them.  i have one that was given to me my the great god illy, and i have used it a couple times, but then i put it in my museum.

anyway, tinkerers can make sunscopes, and none of the resident tinks wanted to help this jackwagon out, of couse.  that lead to a few more comments before he finally gave up and left.  they always do, and so far, we blighties have been able to last longer than they can.


because it was my birthday, master crafter grodec was kind enough to do the majority of the silk constructtion on the industrial complex.  this is a great favour, not just because he is usually not that generous with construction (peeps move too much on blight, and all your hard work becomes novians for the plot owner), but because i can't even do silk as a basic resource, much less construction.

i started the day still on the brights, but kaylee might do some of them for me, as she has to do bright work on her own plot nearby.  that freed me up do some metal work.  it was while doing that  that i learned there are no more alloys ingame.  tiers 3 thru 6 for metal used to require a mix of, say, iron and nickel to make steel.  no longer!  now, to make iron bars, you need iron.  to make steel, you need dark iron.  instead of needing both nickel and cobalt to make cobalt bars, now you only need to mine one resource.  the awesomeness of this change should be easily apparent!!  so that allowed me to finish the iron and steel work, and set me up to get thru the cobalt work in half the time!  plus, the gods also took out those annoying bonus resources of the next highest tier that you had to keep deleting to make room for the stuff you need in your inventory.

one more thing before i let you go:  returning to the visitors to blight (but applicable to visitors to any shard not their own) - please, if you must come and whine complain piss and moan about how blight is not your home shard, at least show a modicum of appreciation when us poor dwellers in hell help you with your worthless demands.   nothing pisses us off more than ingratitude.  we are very self sufficent on blight (we have to be), so if we make something for you or assist you in a quest, or even just give you a needed bit of info, a thank you would no be unrealistic to expect.  we may be old, but we will remember you, and you might find blight an uncomfortable place to wait out the down time.  just sayin.  i don't come to your shard and behave that way - if i do, i expect immediate correction from the residents and whatever discipline the shard sees fit if i continue.


anyway, just some stuff i wanted to get off my chest!  i know it's not my normal blog post, and i promise to get you back to your regularly scheduled insanity next time!!




in case you are interested, here is the excerpt from delta 214 explaining the change:


  • Metal Alloys are now a thing of the past. Metal Bars from Tier 3 to Tier 6 no longer require a second metal in order to create bars. So, Cobalt simply requires Cobalt Ore, Mithril requires Mithril Ore, etc.
  • In order to faciliate this change Nickel Ore has been renamed to Dark Iron Ore. So, to produce Steel Bars you will now need Dark Iron Ore. Resource locations for Dark Iron (Nickel) remain the same.
  • Blighted Metal Bars no longer require 4-8 or 3-7 blighted ore, but instead 2-4 blighted ore like non-blighted bars.
  • Bonus resources of a higher tier (or lower) are no longer received when gathering "core" resources such as ore, stone, gems, fabric, essence and azulyte. writes:
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