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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the awesomeness of the istarian artists

Posted by velveeta Sunday July 31 2011 at 6:24PM
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check this out!!

a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away -

there was a card game called 'the gathering'.  and why should they get all the fun?

so, a brilliant player created horizons, the gathering......


want to know what we all thought about it?  read it here!

more dragon tales from brightcat!

Posted by velveeta Friday July 15 2011 at 10:45PM
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Update yay! Took long enough!


Want a pic of your character? Click here!

original nasties

Posted by velveeta Saturday July 9 2011 at 12:50PM
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so, would you like to see how some of the original baddies of horizons appeared?  allow me to satisfy that curiousity!!


first, some avatar of pain views - here's a fight!  aops love a good fight!

here's a banshee...

and a bezian.....

no, we didn't get crabs from sleeping around.....

blights are still around, unlike the above 3 critters.....

istaria's version of a shambling mound

giggie is looking for his boy.....have you seen him?

these guys need a dentist, bad!

this ghostly dragon is known as the entombed - you will get to know him better when you are trying to become an adult dragon.....

golems still follow the same basic look

maglords haven't made an appearance yet, a pity, they look like real fun guys....

a much bigger version of gritus maximus and his brothers

spiders are very dangerous in horizons.....

and finally, head for the bitter pickle if you like drunks!

cause i think it's pretty darned funny!

Posted by velveeta Sunday July 3 2011 at 12:28PM
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Ahael: Hey Soda, want to hear a new joke?
Soda: Sure!
Ahael: A gnome walks into a mihtril bar... and hurts his forehead...
Soda: Hahhahahahhahahha


Last edited by Ahael; June 28th, 2011 at 03:21 PM.. Reason: doh, typos

exciting and new!!

Posted by velveeta Saturday July 2 2011 at 11:32PM
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earlier this month, the gods released this announcement:

Wanted: A few good warriors! (Combat system testing)

Help wanted! We need a few experienced adventurers familiar with combat and combat strategies in Istaria. Details follow...

Some minor, yet significant changes to the combat system were made to address the following issues:

- Offensive abilities fail to activate, leaving their respective hotkey grayed out for some time.

- Any hotkey for a spell or ability, clicked before moving upon logging in, becomes grayed out for some time.

- Standard attack ("attack" button, or the default tab key) returns "Target is ___ out of range" even though attacker and target are on top of each other.

- Pathing monsters break off their attack and run away when dragged alongside their path.

- Attackers can drag monsters well outside of their designated spawn region. (e.g. Son of Gigaroth dragged to Bristugo)

- Attacked monsters will sometimes stop attacking and stand around waiting to die.

- Monster aggro is difficult to maintain and highly unpredictable.

- Weapon attack range is the 3D (line-of-sight) distance between the attacker and target, rather than 2D (on the map) distance. (Reduces chance of accidental aggro by getting too close to a cliff; also increases difficulty in pulling from the top to the bottom, or bottom to the top of the cliff.)

- Those wielding ranged weapons will now get a feedback message indicating that they got a to-hit penalty for being too close to their target. (The penalty has always been in place. The feedback indicating that the penalty has been applied is new.)  read more here.....
the prep plans are here
you can find 'minutes' of the first session here
and the second session here