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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

hope anyone interested takes a chance on us!

Posted by velveeta Monday July 26 2010 at 2:21AM
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a lovely article by a reputable gamer!  i hope it inspires you to try out the best kept gaming secret around!  this was posted yesterday at, and i believe everyone here at least has heard of this awesome website!

Each week Rise and Shiny asks you to download and try a different free-to-play, indie or unusual game, chosen by me, Beau Hindman. Some of the games will be far out of your gaming comfort zone, and some will pleasantly surprise you. We will meet each Tuesday and Friday night at 9 p.m. EDT (8 p.m. CDT), followed by this column the Sunday after. I welcome any suggestions for games, either in the comments or at

Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted is not a new game, by any means. You probably remember it being called Horizons. I have tried this game probably several times over the last few years. Despite having a decent enough time with each attempt, I never had as much fun as I have during this last week of playing. Let this advice stick: give a game several chances, if you can. Don't let a developer's financial woes dissuade you from giving it a go again. Most of the time you can try it again without spending a dime.

read more here!

places to go: parsinia

Posted by velveeta Sunday July 25 2010 at 8:46PM
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unfortunately for me, blight is having some problems and is in need of a reboot.  this is a major bummer, as i was planning to finish the sandstone construction tonight so i could move on to slate.

however, it does give me time to start on my series of my fave places to go for crafting resources, so why don't we start with parsinia itself!

parsinia is classified as a settlement (not a town), just down the west coast between kion and sslanis.  it has its own portal destination reachable from most major ports (bristugo, the racial towns, and settlement portals) - the port is free (without a loaded disk, of course).  to get there from brist, go to the main (northwest) portal pad and scroll down until you get to the settlements (port destinations are listed in alphabetical order).

when you pop up on the pad, behind you will be the town hall of parsinia, where the trainers and the binding shrine are located.

ahead of you to the south, when you pop out on the pad, is the road to the sandstone quarry...

stay on the southern paved road, cross the bridge, and you will come to an intersection with markers pointing the direction to the several different resource areas (most tier one resources can be found in this general area, between kion and sslanis).

stay on the southern paved road unti you come to the sandstone quarry.  you will know when you are there when you run into the sandstone golems.....

on the left, you will see the paved road leading from parsinia to sslanis.  the arrow at the top left shows the location of the path up the hill to the quarry proper.  the monster heads are places where the golems and undead patrol.  the little house is the location of a complete stone workstation.


that is all for right now.  next time, i will detail some of the inhabitants of the quarry that low levels should be on the watch for while harvesting sandstone.

ascension to ancient

Posted by velveeta Wednesday July 14 2010 at 12:32PM
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there has been a plague of ascension in istaria!  i have shown you some screenies of adult ascensions, but peeps more talented than i make videos.  there are lots of videos of istaria on all types of topics, but dragons and their lives make up a good portion, and for those interested in more information about horizons in general and dragons in particular, it is a good place to do some research.

so, in that spirit, i offer you a video of the latest dragon to ascend to ancienthood - racktor of chaos!

also, here is a great video made of the only instances in istaria - the rift and the labyrinth, used in the rites of ancient ascension.....

many congrads to racktor and may he fly the skies of istaria for the millions of years and help protect the gifted from the withered aegis forever!

thicklesip ascends!

Posted by velveeta Friday July 9 2010 at 3:20PM
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my deepest apologies, my queen, for the lateness of this report! i have been in an unending nightmare, where i am transported to another world, full of strange beings and odd occurrences - finally to awake in the comfort of istaria and most grateful for it!


the realm of order has had an outpouring of hatchlings deciding it was time to make the leap to adulthood! thicklesip ascended in the midst of many friends, both dragon and ped!

thick planned to ascend the traditional way, on the peak of storms, so the large group of celebrants gathered in dralk, preparing to parade our way to the hermit's cave to port.

however, it was quicky determined that portage to the peak would not be an option for all of the participants. the industrious thick had foreseen this, and had chosen a backup area, accessible by all, to hold the momentous event. the hatchling chose an area high above the viewers, standing proudly on a crystal as tho a conquerer surveying his hard won lands.

the ritual began and the transforming bubble flowed over our heads, blinding us until the process was complete, and before us stood another mighty adult, glory covering him like a magnificent blanket of awe.

after the traditional greetings by his fellows, thick took flight amid an array of fireworx celebrating his joyous event.

after the ascension, lovwyrm and flameus hosted a riddle party as thick and the rest of us had some snax and congradulated the new adult.


how wonderful is the realm of order, where such mighty and glorious adult dragons protect istarians from sky and land!  huzzah to thicklesip!


please forgive me, once again i pray, my liege, for my tardiness in making this report.  i shall endeavour to do better in future!