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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

disturbance of the spirit part 9b

Posted by velveeta Monday June 17 2019 at 6:41PM
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well, kids, when last we were here together, i had reached the area at the entrance of the tomb.  in the screenie, you can barely see the foe i have to defeat to get to the actual gate - an elite bone vindicator.  i didn't see him, either, and therefore, as i moved around to the entrance, i got attacked.  at my level, it was unable to do damage, but for lower levels, they hit very hard.  and, of course, they have nasty debuffs and healing abilities.  they have some good loot, tho, so don't forget to do so if you can.

(gentles, i must apologize.  during the next little bit, i neglected to get several screenies, including the quest journal update.  no excuses, i sometimes get wrapped up in playing and forget i am blogging as well.)

once you have taken care of the outside stuff, turn south and face the tomb entrance.  thru the gate, you can see more baddies you will need to get thru - emir's guards, to start.  you may also see, near the back, a very tall undead saris - this is the emir.  more on him in a moment.

to get to the inner sanctum, we have to go thru the tomb.  once you step thru the first gate, your chat log will update, as will your journal.

okay, so, now you have a decision.  you can try to pick off the guards one by one and take on the emir last; or you can do what i did and just rush into melee.  the emir got a couple good hits in and i took a scratch or two, but eventually all were written in the ded book.  loot the bodies for some good stuff.

in front of you is a roof with the stairway down into the tomb itself.  descend to the tomb proper.  pick a direction (i chose right) and follow the hallway around.  you will find a lesser tomb room as you wander, but it is empty of anything you need.

keep following the hallway and you will come to another ramp heading down.  at the bottom, you can only turn right.  at the end of the passage, you will see a pink crystal on a pedestal.  as you enter the room, your chat log and quest journal (the one i didn't get) will update.  approach the crystal and a teleport dialog box will pop up (even in game, the red writing is hard to read!), click the teleport button, and you are headed for the inner sanctum.

when you pop in, you will see a long, dark hall in front of you as your journal updates.  turn to your left to find the ghost and approach him to greet.  he will relay your reward as well as his misgivings about the situation.


as you can prolly discern, the next subquest takes place in the sanctum itself.  you can see from the map that it is filled with baddies and assorted nasties.  this is new content, and therefore, everything here is new to us all.  i imagine it will take a number of blogs to get thru.  we will find out together soon, so i hope you come back!