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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

disturbance of the spirit part 9a

Posted by velveeta Wednesday June 12 2019 at 6:23PM
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before we begin, i want to reiterate that, starting from this point, the quest is very combat intensive.  low to mid level alts will find these next 2 subquests extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do solo.  even a group will find it tough.  i highly recommend at least one hi level babysitter - preferably one that can heal and buff.  the creatures here and in the inner sanctum itself are tough and they love to aggro.

okay, let's get started, shall we?

you are standing with ryson's ghost at the ruined shrine (at least, i hope).  chances are, the agents have respawned, so they will be your first obstacle.  greet the spirit to get the quest, accept it, and get the gory details from ryson and your quest journal.  you are being sent deep into the deadlands, so make sure you buff up before you head out.

from the ruined shrine, run or fight your way past the agents to get to the road.  head north, and in a few steps, you will be at the first gate into the deadlands.  you will see the horde of weaker risen marauders just waiting to greet you just inside the gate.  there are also foul maggots to contend with as you head for the fork in the road.  as you pass thru the gate, your chat log and quest journal will update.

thanks to swift feet, i didn't have my first major fight until i got near the fork in the road.  it was here that i got attacked by flesh vindicators.  2 of these gross giants ganged up on me, and because i am too high level, their attacks missed or did no damage.  as always, don't forget to loot to gain some extra benefit from these unnecessary fights.

it's not a good idea to hang around, so pick a fork (i chose the left) and head for the gate you should see nearby.  past it, you will see your next set of playmates - unclean healers.  make your way thru them on the road, and soon you will see the wall of the upper tomb - and signs of the guardians of the gate of the tomb, elite bone vindicators.

there is a benefit to blighted lands - blighted resources.  it may not sound beneficial - and now is not the time to explain why - but it is.  here, for instance, you can find blighted azulyte, sandstone, and copper and tin nodes.  assuming, of course, you can get past the baddies that inhabit the place.


we are almost at the tomb entrance, and the real fighting starts!  see you very soon for the finish of this subquest - and there will be no doubt about what will happen after that.