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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

disturbance of the spirit part 8a

Posted by velveeta Sunday June 2 2019 at 3:28PM
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let's continue with the disturbance of spirit questline with part 8!  there will be much combat for this subquest, so you will need help if you are low to mid level.

ryson is next to the parsinia shrine, so greet him for the new task he has for you.  accept it and ryson will fill you in on the details, as will your quest journal.

the mission is to scout the deadlands, and the road is dangerous.  the first half of the journey will be familiar, if you have been following these blogs.  once out of the gate, head south out of parsinia - under the trellis and past the chastised guard in her post - on the road up the hill and across the bridge.  if you stick to the road, you should have no problems with the gruoks and wolves.  once you reach the signpost just up the road from the barricades, your chat log will update to let you know you are on the right track.  turn east and take the right fork.

this road leads thru the sandstone quarry.  sandstone golems roam all thru this area, so a group or a babysitter is highly recommended.  stay on the road and you will know you are getting close when the stone gols give way to metal gols - bronze in this case.  you will come upon a blighted road marker and your chat log will let you know you have arrived......

.......and stepped into an ambush!  just past the marker, in the field to the north of your position, are 4 cabal ambushers taking potshots at you!  i was able to draw them individually with my crossbow and pick them off one by one.  it will not be that easy for lower levels characters to write them in the ded book.  however you deal with them, don't forget to loot!  once you have taken care of the ambushers, your chat log and quest journal will update with further instructions.


see you soon to finish up this quest.  fear not, more battle awaits!  come back to find out what's next.