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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - protecting the supply route

Posted by velveeta Friday June 9 2017 at 8:48PM
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today's adventure from ssoren is 'protecting the supply route'.  the stone and metal gols near the settlement of parsinia have been attacking the trade caravans.  it's up to you to thin them out and get the supplies flowing again!  the sandstone and bronze gols - including the pebble and boulder types - count for this quest.

we start the quest as we do all of them, by greeting the town marshal and choosing the adventure from the list.  accept the quest and get more details from the quest journal.

so, you have to head northwest to get to the sandstone quarry area (we have actually been here before, a long time ago, while doing some kion quests).  jump off ssoren's porch and head thru the north gate (the gate where the incoming port pad is located).  continue on the road, as fast as you can, because the whole way is fraught with danger.  withered aegis all the way to the quarry area, then the gols themselves, patrol the road.  you know the mantra - group or babysitter!  you will come upon blighted areas (where the undead spawn).  as you keep heading north, you may get the thought to maybe explore one of these 'shrines' - trust me, it's not worth the trouble!

when you start to see the rolling hills rather than cliffsides, you are getting close.  when you see the boulders surrounding the tree on the east side of the road, you are at the quarry, and should see some gols wandering around.  you can also head up the hill to the upper level, where you are most likely to find the metal gols.

take on the sandstone gols in the lower field and move up when you run out.  the upper field opens up at the eastern end and you will find the metal gols (should you choose to hunt them) in that area.  use your quest journal to keep track of the corpses, and head back to town when you have the required body count.

assuming you end up in the upper field, like i did, you merely have to head back the way you came.  you can jump off the western edge of the field or retrace your steps back down to the lower field.  point your ambulatory appendages toward the south and run as fast as you can thru the blighted nasties.  it's a long run and there are a lot of undead to avoid or outrun before you see the signs of safety.  go thru the gate and around the fort to the porch where ssoren waits.  speak to the town marshal to get your thanks and reward.


join me again for more fun and games with critters bent on your destruction, all for the common good!