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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - leg up on the competition, part 2

Posted by velveeta Tuesday June 27 2017 at 11:28PM
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here we go, about to hunt dark crawlers.  i know you are prolly gonna say i am crying wolf on this, but you will see that dark crawlers have some serious aggro.  even a small group of low levels are gonna find this difficult, especially if they can't draw individual spiders to a more favorable battleground (not that there are many, the place is literally infested with spiders).  you will def need as many helpers/bodyguards as you can get.  i am totes serious about this.  i am too high a level to be too bothered, so i didn't bring out the crossbow or spells, but these two quests (especially the emblem quest, as you need to take out 150 spiders) will be impossible for a solo low level to complete without a lot of death points and recalls.  having a healer or two at your back will do wonders for you.

so, from this point, i am going under the assumption that you have peeps guarding your back for you.

if you want to, before you start the hunt, you can climb the spire and attune/check out the battle arena.  

okay, i've put off the actual hunt as long as i can.  let's get to it.

you can find spiders all over the dark forest, but if you want to find a bunch of them (and they respawn disgustingly quick), you need to be near the spire.  if you need a place to rest momentarily, go to the ruins area (make sure you don't drag any spiders with you).  you aren't safe there, as the spiders will eventually come to you, but you should be able to get a moment of rest and recovery.

speaking of spiders, they are everywhere.  if you see one, there is at least one more in aggro range.  if you fight one, you will be fighting more before you finish.  especially horrid are the breeders - they come with a gang of hatchlings, so while you are fighting mom, the kids are biting you.  the closer you get to the nests, the more the likelihood you will be ganged up on by 5 breeders and 25 hatchlings - do not be afraid to run clear and find a better location to fight.

keep checking your quest journal for count purposes.  you will finish the town marshal quest first, of course, and if you haven't taken the emblem quest, you are free - and encouraged - to leave asap.  keep plugging away at the spiders - don't forget to loot, if you have the time - until eventually you get the 150 crawlers you need for jamis.

time to head back, first to jamis and then to sslanis.  from the ruins, head in a generally southwestern direction.  just past the portal (remember where it is, you will see why in a moment), you will hit the road.  stop at the guardpost and regreet jamis to get your emblem (it will be in your inventory and you can equip it from there, if you like).  now, head back to the outgoing portal you passed, and port to bristugo.  from there, take the racial city portal (the north one with the blue rim) to sslanis.  at the pad, go down the hill and thru the gate, around the fort, and up the steps of ssoren's porch.  greet the sslik and gain your reward.

and that wraps up our big spider hunt!  hope you found it enjoyable.  join me next time for our last ssoren town marshal quest.  i believe that we will continue the tradition of doing the other quests the sslik has to offer as well.  things to look forward to!

sslanis town marshal quests - leg up on the competition, part 1

Posted by velveeta Monday June 26 2017 at 11:07PM
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since we will be killing 2 quests with one trip - 3 if you count the attunement - and the way to the hunting ground is long, this will be a double post blog.  fun and educational, that's me!!

well, let's get started, shall we?  as normal, we start by finding ssoren on its porch patrol and greeting it.  choose the quest from the list and accept it.  once you get the notification, check your quest journal.

the dark forest surrounds the spire - the tall tower of stone with the portals to the pvp battle arena.  a long, long time ago, i did a blog on battles at the spire, and i can link those if the desire is there.  the easiest way to get there from sslanis is to first port to the human city of dalimond.  once there, head out the gate and onto the road.  you will start out going southerly, but you will soon turn to the east.  there are lots of baddies on the way, so run fast and stay on the road.  when you reach the signposts, take the tazoon fork.

it is a very long run, so i hope you remembered to cast/get your buffs and gifts, particularly those of a speed nature, before you start and not after, like the eternal newb (that's me, by the way.....  ;-} ).

you will start to see the signs of the dark forest well before you reach any spiders.  you will pass another signpost, and continue past the tomb of crankenspank.  this is a quest we may explore in the future; for now, just continue down the road.  you will soon reach the outskirts of spire's gate.  keep running until you reach the guardpost on the left side of the road.

inside the guardpost stands private jamis tanns.  the good private offers 2 quests - an attunement and an emblem.  it is much to your benefit to take the attunement quest - you just need to speak to him - as it is to attune to all available ports.  i have already done so (i made the run for you, hope you appreciate it!!  lol), therefore, this time i spoke to jamis and accepted the spider slayer quest.  checking your quest journal will show you 2 quests, both tasked with hunting down dark crawlers.

once you are done with jamis, continue on the road until you are near the spire.  you should see plenty of spiders around!

we will start the big hunt tomorrow, i hope you join me then!

istaria is like licorice

Posted by velveeta Tuesday June 20 2017 at 11:19PM
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those of us who love istaria do what we can to show it.  i write this blog, in the hopes of finding one or two newbies who turn into diehards, because i am too simple to be creative.  thankfully, this not the case with better istarians than me (admittedly, this is most).

case in point for today - racktor (i have spoken of this player before) has created a database of sorts to store our alts' stories and bios.  as you can read in the forum post, the dalimond archives is the place to put everything you want the world to know about your characters!

rest assured that i will be putting my alts on there asap, and if you are a past citizens, perhaps you will leave your story there as well.

back soon with our next town marshal adventure, hope to see you!

sslanis town marshal quests - protecting the supply route

Posted by velveeta Friday June 9 2017 at 7:48PM
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today's adventure from ssoren is 'protecting the supply route'.  the stone and metal gols near the settlement of parsinia have been attacking the trade caravans.  it's up to you to thin them out and get the supplies flowing again!  the sandstone and bronze gols - including the pebble and boulder types - count for this quest.

we start the quest as we do all of them, by greeting the town marshal and choosing the adventure from the list.  accept the quest and get more details from the quest journal.

so, you have to head northwest to get to the sandstone quarry area (we have actually been here before, a long time ago, while doing some kion quests).  jump off ssoren's porch and head thru the north gate (the gate where the incoming port pad is located).  continue on the road, as fast as you can, because the whole way is fraught with danger.  withered aegis all the way to the quarry area, then the gols themselves, patrol the road.  you know the mantra - group or babysitter!  you will come upon blighted areas (where the undead spawn).  as you keep heading north, you may get the thought to maybe explore one of these 'shrines' - trust me, it's not worth the trouble!

when you start to see the rolling hills rather than cliffsides, you are getting close.  when you see the boulders surrounding the tree on the east side of the road, you are at the quarry, and should see some gols wandering around.  you can also head up the hill to the upper level, where you are most likely to find the metal gols.

take on the sandstone gols in the lower field and move up when you run out.  the upper field opens up at the eastern end and you will find the metal gols (should you choose to hunt them) in that area.  use your quest journal to keep track of the corpses, and head back to town when you have the required body count.

assuming you end up in the upper field, like i did, you merely have to head back the way you came.  you can jump off the western edge of the field or retrace your steps back down to the lower field.  point your ambulatory appendages toward the south and run as fast as you can thru the blighted nasties.  it's a long run and there are a lot of undead to avoid or outrun before you see the signs of safety.  go thru the gate and around the fort to the porch where ssoren waits.  speak to the town marshal to get your thanks and reward.


join me again for more fun and games with critters bent on your destruction, all for the common good!