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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

pratt quests - picking on the little guy

Posted by velveeta Friday June 24 2016 at 9:58PM
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the next town marshall quest from the good steward of new trimus we shall explore is 'picking on the little guy'.  choose it from the list after greeting pratt in the usual way.

i know i keep remarking on it, but the training island has changed a lot over the last couple years.  so these quests will be as new to me as they are to you - my new trismus is gone, and i have to relearn where things are.  please bare with me during the learning process!!  i tell you this because i forgot to take some early screenies and had to redo them, so observant readers might notice some slight differences in continuity in some places, but it will not affect the overall accuracy of the post.  one of the screenies i wasn't able to redo, however, was pratt's opening quest speech.  and the wiki does not give it, unfortunately.  for this, i apologise.

anyhoo, i did manage to get a screenie of the quest journal, which has all the needed info.  you need to head west, to the beach in the middle of the island's coast, and take out 20 aug'kuk gatherers, including their leader, grit.   back in the day, all the 'kuk critters were known as pygmies and ogres.  these are tough creatures who like to aggro - and they don't care what level you are.  for me, they were as flies - for low levels, this is a very challenging quest.  my advice is to do it with others or have a babysitter.

to get to the beach, take the portal road that leads to the resource fields.  be careful as you pass thru the cedar trees, as the wolves there like to feast on newb flesh.  follow the fork in the road that leads to the ore field and the metal workstation (wave hi to guran as you pass!), continuing around the cliffs until you see the camp ahead.  be careful all thru this area, as the grass beets also like to aggro on low level alts.  there is no road to the beach, instead you have to run thru the valley before the camp.  you can run all the way thru the valley, but i just jump off the cliff in front of the turning.  you end up right in the middle of the pygmy camp.

you should see at lest one pyg as soon as you hit the beach, it is infested with them.  you will have no problems getting your 20 and not having to wait for respawn - but remember, one of the requirement pygs must be grit the warrior, the leader of this tribe.  you can find him at the southern end of the beach, patrolling the area near the skeleton.  your journal and chat will let you know when you can return to pratt.

to get back, you have to take the long way, running the pyg gauntlet.  head down the beach until you reach the entrance to the valley.   run up the valley until you reach the camp area, and take the road back east, just the way you came, until you reach pratt again.  speak to the steward to get your reward, then speak to him again to see that both the town marshalls and the picking on the little guy quests are no longer available.


well, that was fun, wasn't it?  join me again soon for another fun and exciting quest!