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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

the first four, part 7 - mahagra

Posted by velveeta Friday June 26 2015 at 9:37PM
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only 2 more cities to explore for the basic 4 trainers!  so, penultimately, we will meet the trainers in mahagra, the home of the half-giants.

the basic 4 are located in two rooms on the lower level, left side of the main fort area.  the first room, upon entering the fort, holds the scout and mage trainers, the room to the right of it (as you are facing the room, of course) contains the warrior and cleric trainers.

let's first meet juris griendt, the scout trainer.  the male half-giant is standing against the wall opposite the entrance in the first room.  speak to him to become part of the spy network of istaria.

next to juris in the room is nell multu the mage trainer.  she is standing to the right of the scout trainer, and is ready to impart the basic mysteries of magic to those worthy, as well as having quests for anyone to try.

in the room to the right of the scout and mage room, you will find louisah traadi the cleric and lars zantus the warrior.

louisah stands in the left side 'corner' of this vaguely oval room.  she is pleased at your interest in the clerichood and is ready to provide some basic equipment, if you need it.

in the opposite 'corner' stands mighty lars, the warrior trainer.  if you enjoy the smell of napalm in the morning, or afternoon, or any time, really - he would love to give you a cause to fight for.


that's it for mahagra.  one more city to explore, then we will start meeting the hybrid and prestige adventurers skewls.  some of those posts will be very short - some skewls only have 1 trainer - and most will take us out of the cities proper and into some real exploration of istaria.  i am looking forward to visiting old friendly spots and exploring new areas i haven't had reason to go to before.  finally, a learning experience for us all!!  hope to see you soon. writes:
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