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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

expert outfitter trainers

Posted by velveeta Friday June 27 2014 at 8:47PM
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time to meet our last 2 outfitter trainers.  before we start, tho, i would like to say a word about the city of kirasanct.

kira is a high level area, but the trainers are mixed between journeyman and expert.  in the current case, for instance, khania is listed on the wiki as journeyman in rank, but is really an expert.  therefore, in relation to all following posts on kira trainers, i will make sure i check the forms available for sale as the final word on whether a trainer is really jm or expert.  just to keep you in the loop, ya ken!

so, with that out of the way, might as well introduce you to the kirasanct outfitter, khania.  i have confirmed that khania sells expert forms and does not sell jm, so don't waste a trip!  you can find her in an alcove room at the top of the stairs to the left (you can see the archway to the stairs in the middle left of the screenie), in the main fort area.

in augh, you need to find bragha for your expert outfitter forms.  the dwarven trainer can be find inside the mine area, in the far left crafthall.  look for the outfitter sign!


when harvesting fiber plants, bipeds use (dragons have no need, usually, to harvest fiber) a scythe-like harvest knife.  using the unspun fiber, fabric scissors, and a distaff (a workstation machine), one makes fabric spool resources to make finished products.  outfitters use spools to make clothing and armor at a loom or mannequin, using a sewing needle.


well, that is about it for outfitters!  next time, we will discover essence (and i will tell you about how i died to bring you this info!  ;-} ) and find out about the last basic craft skewl, the scholar.  see you soon!

journeyman outfitter trainers

Posted by velveeta Tuesday June 10 2014 at 11:42AM
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(post has been updated with the appropriate maps!)


the first of the jman trainers we shall meet is kimmer in the gnome city of new rachival.  you will become somewhat familiar with the room where she is located, as several other trainers are also found in this section of the fort.

in the mahagra fort, frida deslo is the outfitter trainer to look for.  if you need to update your formulas to journeyman level, you can get them here!!

our last jman trainer is ciowel, found in the elven city of feladan.  find him in the fort area next to the essence channeler.


i am sorry i forgot to do the maps for these posts. i will be updating both this post and the beginner trainers with those screenies asap - hopefully in the next couple days.  however, if you just look for the sign, you will usually find the trainers in the room immediately behind.  remember, the outfitter sign is a vest symbol.

see you next time when we will meet the expert trainers and learn a bit about the tools you will need.

beginner outfitter trainers

Posted by velveeta Wednesday June 4 2014 at 9:24PM
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(post has been updated with the appropriate maps!)


well, here we go with meeting the outfitter trainers!

first up, the new trismus trainer is johald.  as befits the training island, he offers a lot of quests!  you can find the trainer in the fws in the middle of the flax field on the southern end of the island, between the sandstone field/gem mine and rancher elden's farm.

after the evil place, the next stop is usually kion.  the outfitter there is bolo.  this trainer can be found in the manor house at the top of the hill, between the two city gates.  find bolo just inside the doorway, in the left room.  

in sslanis, grash can be found in the main fort - look for the sign with the vest symbol.  remember, all trainers sell the appropriate formulas for their tiers!

the last beginner trainer is sela verin.  she can be found on the porch of the fws, near the ports, city gate, and the angel statue where the attunement gatekeeper is located.


join me next time, when we meet the journeyman trainers!