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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

umbelroth and the drakul attunement quest, part 2

Posted by velveeta Saturday June 22 2013 at 10:15PM
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okay, here we go.  remember, this part is timed, starting from when umbelroth tells you to go swiftly, so don't lollygag!  

follow the road you did to get to the volcano's cauldron to collect the ash.  go past the snakehead formation to the next crossroads - instead of going forward, tho, you want to turn left down the hill.

as with the volcano road, just keep running along this path.  it's totally safe, as long as you don't stray off the  road.  keep running until you come to the remains of a gate - that's your landmark to know you're getting close to the ravine.

the killing two birds part - this is the exact way to get to the lairshapers cave.  if you continue on the road past the ravine, you will round a bend.  immediately after the bend, the lairshapers' cave is on your left.  but you will see that starting in the next round of posts.

anyway, once you reach the ravine, you just need to take a leap of faith!  if you are a hatchie and have your gliding option turned on (hopefully you know how to access the blue gem and its menu!), you can glide all the way down the ravine until you get to the shore.  otherwise, you will need to run down the ravine until you get to the ocean.

but you aren't there yet! run along the northwest edge of the shore until you get to (x coords) 22631 - the northernmost point of dralk.  once you hit that point, turn to the north and prepare to run as fast as you can.

this is the point where my experience will save you a lot of time.  as we know, the first time i took this quest, i was doing a trainer tour and timed out.  the second time, i thought bathing in the ocean meant not drowning, so i sat just above the level where my breath timer starts, and remained there until i timed out again. i then consulted the wiki page for the quest, and discovered that you have to actually run a fair distance - at my speed, it was just under the point of drowning - out into the water to reach the trigger point.  so, it is very important to align yourself on the x axis coords before trying to find the trigger point.  i had to run out until the trigger showed in my game chat, then recalled as soon as i got it (hence, no screenies - no time and there isn't much to see anyway - you are underwater, so no scenery, and there is no great big trigger notice, so make sure you are watching your chat log!).

there is no need to return to umbelroth once you have done the trigger, so check your quest log to make sure you completed it and head to the main portal to see if drakul is listed (if you look closely at the lower right chat window, you can just make out the grey text telling me i found the trigger point, sandwiched between the 2 recalls.  one hopes you did as recommended and bound to the dralk shrine before starting this little adventure!).

now, to celebrate your achievement, port to drakul and take a look around.  spend as much time as you like, but don't wonder too far up the mountain - monsoon roams around up there and he is a handful!

and that about it.  next time, we will meet the lairshapers and do a couple quests, then we shall start our tour of the dragon adventure trainers.  hope to see ya back for all that fun!