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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

umbelroth and the drakul attunement quest, part 1

Posted by velveeta Monday June 17 2013 at 5:53PM
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because i run either feast or famine, and i like to keep my promises, and - as a bonus - am able to kill 2 birds with one stone, as it were, i have to break up the attunement quest into 2 posts - and there will be a lot to see in both!  i already covered the basics in my previous post, so let's just jump into the quest itself, and you can go back if you need the wiki explanation for anything........

one of a couple good things about having to go back and do this quest again (several times, as it turns out, but that's part of the next post!) is that i found a much easier way to get to umbelroth than i had used before.  therefore, let's start all over from the very beginning!

start from the port pad, it's easiest.  head down like you were going to miemonus' cave, but swing off to the right and up the narrow pathkeep following the wall of the mountain until you find umbelroth.

okay, let me take a second to interrupt this quest.  if you want my advice, and i am assuming that's what you are here for - can't be my wit! - you will do 2 things before you start.  the first is:  go into options (hopefully, by now, you understand the blue gem and its contents), go into your last tab there (getting old sux, i can't remember if it too is called options, but it is the last tab), scroll down and disable mouselook.  its a new camera function and it sux.  it disables the normal right mouse click to move the camera view.  get rid of that before you 2):  bind to the dralk shrine.  this will be a big time and boredom saver, as you will come to see.  thanx for your attention, back to the quest!

listen to the dragon's speech and check your quest journal. umbelroth instructs you to bring some ash from the volcano to the south of the city, and this is a long run or a brief flight, depending your ability.  since i am still a hatchie, this means the run. this is not the timed part of your quest, so feel free to take your time with this.  head back the way you came until you get to the main road, which, by now, you should be very familiar with.

when you hit the crossroads, go forward instead of left.  keep running on this road until you see the funny looking 'snake head' (what i call it) rock formation.  if you keep on that road, you will soon reach the resource fields and the cave where you can find dargor on the lowest level.  but you need to swing right and stay on that road for this quest.

you will shortly come to another crossroads.  to get to the ravine (more on that next post), you would head down the left side.  but to get to the ash, you have to stay on this road as it winds thru several suburbs until you start to see the chained-in-place floating crystals.

follow the road under the crystal until you see the cave entrance on the cliff above and to your left.  as soon as you do, turn right and head thru the little valley between 2 rock formations.  continue along this course until you see the cauldron begin to appearclimb up the side until your game log and quest journal register that you have collected the required ash.

it is here that i hope you bound to the dralk shrine, especially if you end up having to do the quest more than once.  recall and head back to umbelroth with the ash.  click the links until you get to the 'go swiftly' part - your quest journal will update - and this will begin the timed part of the quest.  you will need to get this next bit down before the ash cools (not sure how long actually, but not long.  no longer than 15 minutes, certainly, prolly more like 10).

so, come back soon to find out how to finish this quest.  it is a tale of some woe and being a bit of a wussy, so it should be interesting!