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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

someone you need to know to grow up

Posted by velveeta Monday June 10 2013 at 9:50AM
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allow me to introduce you to a dragon you will need to be familiar with, if you wish to do any harm to reklar - a truly epic boss.  reklar items are rare and prized loot, and many elder players find merely organizing and mounting an expedition to take on the undead dragon general to be epic in itself.

reklar is vulmerable to one spell in particular, castable only by dragons.  this spell, primal boon, is given by dargor the primal researcher, found standing guard in front of the entrance to the public cave next to the cobalt and gem field, north of dralk city.

i had thought i covered the cob field in dralk for construction blogs, but looking back, i guess i haven't.  now that peds can use dragon workstations (and vice versa), vel loves to do cob in dralk.  so much easier than in the kirasanct tundra - no gols to contend with and the public cave has storage as well!  but we are interested in the dragon outside the cave right now.

approach dargor and greet the researcher.  there is no quest attached to the gift of the spell - no resources to gather, no creature to kill.  he gives you the spell - make sure to remember to scribe it!  and make the spell shard so you have the spell ready to be used!


well, that wasn't too hard, was it!  you prolly won't be able to get the spell until you are quite high level, as it does require a maxed out primal skill.  there is, of course, a trainer for this, and you will learn more when we start our tour of dragon adventurer trainers.  for next time, i will introduce you to another important dragon to know, one with the key to important 'doors'........



as we will see soon, dargor is not the dragon outside the craft cave.  dargor is to be found in the lowest level of the craft cave.  dragon lairs are mazes, and even trying to post the way to get to this dragon would be pointless.  all I can recommend is to either a) get a guide or, b) just keep heading down.  you will eventually reach dargor, and it is well worth the trouble for this otherwise easy to get, highly beneficial and necessary, spell.