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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

meet the stoneworking trainer

Posted by velveeta Tuesday June 4 2013 at 11:15AM
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time to meet the last dragon crafting trainer - altho i will introduce you to 2 notable dragons whose acquintance you should make, before we meet the lairshapers - the stoneworker saphias.  this trainer is easy enough to find, but can be very hard to get to, given its location deep in lava oastic territory.

so, one presumes that the way to heraxius is remembered?  well, when you get to the guard post and the crossroad, instead of going left for the gemworking trainer, head off to your right, strait for the lavafall yonder.

for any hatchie under 60th level, at least, the lava oastics WILL beat your azz.  and this is their breeding grounds.  i cannot stress enough the probable need for a bodyguard in this area.  not to mention the power leveling opportunity, if you go for that sort of thing (and i do, and don't understand the various weaksauce arguments i have heard against the practice.  if you powerlevel, you still eventually have to face stuff on your own.  i have always used the opportunity as a lesson - watch what the powerful do and do that when you are powerful...  but that's an old argument and i digress.....).  anyhoo, i recommend finding a higher level babysitter when confronting saphias if you don't want to get ganked.  

okay, as i said, head for the lavafall that spills into a cauldron.  next to that cauldron under the lavafall, you will find saphias.  greet the stoneworker and accept the quest - mine is to make obsidian bricks, which is kewl by me! - then go do your thing quickly, before your babysitter gets tired of waiting, and scuttle back for your mastery reward.

and that's it for the common dragon crafting trainers!  soon, i shall take you on a brief tour of the basics of lairshaping - but first, we will meet 2 more dragons of interest - one i still have to finish the quest for, which is a story in itself!  hope that's enough of a teaser to see you back here soon!