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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

an important side track

Posted by velveeta Friday June 1 2012 at 3:42PM
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congrads!!!  you have completed your tutorials and are ready to enter the real istaria!  it is a big and exciting place, as you will soon learn!

allow me a moment to rant - i just got an awesome new puter, it's super sahweet and all.......  but i went home to blight and had vel doing some bright work, cause the industrial complex will never get built if i don't get moving - anyway, i really miss my map markings.  i had some pretty hard to find stuff marked that i no longer remember.......  therefore, let me take a few moments to show you how to do that, because in my opinion, it's one of the best things about istaria.

first, open your map.  i believe there is a blue gem option for it, but i do it this way:  right click on your compass and choose 'show map' (it is also a good idea to choose 'show position' as well).

on the map, white dots are you and your disk, if you have one disconnected and in the map range.  blue dots are npcs, and green dots are group members within range.  around the left border of the map image, you will see various buttons.  the bottommost buttons are for grouping - the single icon is to find your closest group member, the multiple icon is to find the map positions of all group members, starting with the closest.

the center buttons are 'centering 'buttons, useful for finding specific creatures, monsters, etc.  the +/- buttons are self explanatory, altho i use my scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

the buttons we are concerned with are the top ones.  i must be honest and admit that i have never used the arrow button and have no idea what it does (but i plan on getting back onto vel and i will find out!), the magnifying glass is a search function.  we are most concerned with the star button right now.  that is the marker menu.  click on it.

this will open a small screen of icon choices.  you are free to use whatever system you like.  as an example, i will be marking the herd of deer that roam the valley nearby.  for resources, i use the icon that looks like a pile of cannon balls (top row, second from right).  the house icon next to it, i use for workstations, the house with the dot in it (near the center right) i use for guards and questgivers, and the almost closed circle in the bottom row is my icon for ports.  click the icon you wish to use.

the map will ask you to select where you want the icon to go.  i am usually very near to where i want the icon to go, so i can click anywhere around the white dot, but you can put your icon anywhere in map range.

once you have placed the icon, the map provide you the text box to name the marker whatever you desire.

and there you go!  you have now marked this item on your map.  some game icons (most notably the blue npc dots) disappear when you move out of range, so i recommend using an icon to mark the location of important npcs like the dragon trainers (you will see why soon, as mourningwood will have to remark his maps as well!!) so that you can find them if you are trying to find a way back to them - i use the flag icon, myself.  you can always hover your cursor over an icon to see what you named it.

well, now that you know how to mark your map - a very useful function, you will find - you can use it when next time, we explore the town of new trismus!  see you soon!