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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis militia - the bloodletters, part 3

Posted by velveeta Monday May 14 2018 at 9:33PM
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ah, did you think we were done with the bloodletters?  of course not!  once more into the breach - or hole, in this case - dear friends!

hopefully, you are still in the area and can approach tsorash in its patrol area. greet it and accept the bloodletters, part 3 quest.  tsorash will give you details, and your quest journal will give you more.

so, it is back into the hole we need to go.  we are very aware of the way, it should be second nature by now.  over the land bridge, thru the canals, and jump into the hole to get to the cave of the winds.  wave hi to the fallen spirit and choose any road.  remember to keep following the road into the lowest part of the cave to reach the birthing chamber.

go ahead and hunt your egg layers, they are all over - as we remember from our last task.  in fact, since you only need 4 of them, you can actually hunt them on your way to the big game - gakkash the destroyer.  to get to his lair, you need to take the bridge/ledge that arches over the nest area.  by the way, don't forget to loot!

starting at the bridge base in the nest area, go over it and head right (east).  you will find a nice spot overlooking the nest area, so stop and admire the view before contining your journey.  on the way, you will fight infected and egg layer fyakki, as well as blood crabs - they have become quite bold and will gangup on you!

eventually, the road ends in a vast chamber, divided by another land bridge.  the bridge is very narrow, and falling off wouldn't be a fun or good thing.  as you get closer to the end of it, you will notice movement in the midst of the outcroppings in the distance.

as you get closer, you will see what appears to be a single, large creature.  it will be quickly apparent that it is separate creatures - gakkash, surrounded by his overlord bodyguards.

if you are lowerish level, this is gonna be a very hard fight.  you will want to take the foes out individually, and will prolly need to run away from the gangup quite often.  your best strategy, as per usual, is to have a high level bodyguard or a large group.

i used my crossbow to draw the group - because they do fight as one entity.  i got about 2 or 3 shots in before they swarmed me and i switched to melee.  i was literally in the middle of the fray!

it will be a hard fight, but hopefully, you will prevail.  your quest journal will let you know to return to tsorash, so recall and get back to the barricades however you please.

head around and up the hill to tsorash's camp.  greet it again, and get your thanks and rewards.  look, you have a new title!


as you can see from tsorash's initial speech, there is one more subquest in this questline.  come back soon and we will find out all about it!  hope to see you then.

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