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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - fretting fishermen, part 2

Posted by velveeta Friday May 26 2017 at 9:41PM
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(sorry, i had every intention of blogging sooner!  curse you, rl!)

okay, so - we are here at the lakes of crystal tears.  you need to hunt down 20 water gols, in this case, the greaters.

you can see them wandering around the lake bottom.  you can wait around and track them down around the lake shore, or you can do a little trick i like to call 'wet drawing'.  it's risky, and takes a bit of time to perfect, but once you can do it, your task is so much easier.

the most important first thing you HAVE TO KNOW to wet draw is how fast you are.  once underwater, not only is your breath on a timer, but your speed is cut in half.  if you go too far in, you will either drown or die under attack - or both.  always make sure you can make it to shore before targeting a gol.

okay, you are ready and confident.  time to try!!!  step one, of course, is to target a takeable gol.  make sure you know how you are going to get TO and FROM the location!

step two)  run out to target, hit once, and head back to shore and air with your greatest possible speed.  the gol will follow right along, prolly hitting you all the way.

step three)  once you hit dry land, your breath meter will disappear.  turn to face the incoming gol and prepare for battle.

step four) take down your target!!  greaters have a very kewl attack - a powerful jet of water that blinds as well as damages.  just don't get distracted and turned about.  keep attacking until your foe is down.

step five)  take your spoils of war!!  to loot, highlight the corpse (if it isn't already) and right click.  choose your option - loot all or browse loot - and your swag will appear in your inventory as well as described in your game chat.

now, the next two steps should only be attempted when you are supremely confident in your ability to take on a greater quickly.  thankfully, water gols are slow to respawn, so you shouldn't have much problem with mobs.

step six)  if you have a target underwater but close to dry land, you can attempt the entire attack underwater.  be close enough to be able to make shore when your breath meter falls to 1/4 - remember that the gol will follow you out.

step seven)  loot that critter dry!!!  see what i did there?  and get your butt back to shore.

soon enough, you will be surrounded by watery corpses and your quest journal and chat log will inform you to head back to sslanis.  head for the green border of the desert (avoid the agh'luks!), going in a generally southeasterly direction until you reach the road.  continue thru lower bridgeview, past the bridge and guard post (wave hi to asenath), stay away from the sand beets while continuing up the road past the lighthouse and thru the suburb of sslauron, past the shrine (which you really should just bind to and recall) and thru the gate to the porch area where ssoren waits.  speak to the town marshal to get your reward.


well, i hope you found that both fun and informative!  with luck, i will see you again soon for another fine adventure.