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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - fretting fishermen, part 1

Posted by velveeta Saturday May 20 2017 at 9:39PM
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today's quest will be 2 parter - not just on the route there and back, but for some fun things to discover!!  so, let's get to it, shall we?

the adventure we will be looking at is called 'fretting fishermen'.  as you can no doubt surmise, we will be spending some time near - and in - water.  to get started, greet ssoren and choose the quest from the list.  accept and check your quest journal, like usual.

i will review the way there, altho you should be familiar with 2/3rds of the route, from our first foray into ssoren's adventures.  start out from sslanis' south gate, just across from the town marshal's porch (be sure to bind to the shrine on the way, if you haven't already).  stay on the southeastern road, running strait on the pavement - do not take shortcuts on dirt roads - up thru the suburb of sslauron, continuing thru southpeak and on past the lighthouse (still proud of it!).  keep heading north until past the outreach turnoff, and down the lower bridgeview road until you reach the bridge to the mainland.

at the bridge, you will find asenath standing guard.  apparently, i neglected to attune to the bridgeview portal when we first started ssoren's quests, so let's do that now.  greet the saris private and choose the attunement quest.  once you accept, you will become attuned to the bridgeview incoming portal.

once you have attuned, continue north past the guard post.  it's not much further on to reach the lakes area - when you get to the waterfall, you are almost there.  you will notice how the green gives way to desert - this is the place you want to be.  however, you will need to run thru the tribe of pygmies and ogres (now called agh'kuks) that inhabit the area.

so avoid those if you can (as always, my advice is group or babysitter!).  you will find lesser water gols in the ocean - very very far into the ocean.  unless you can draw them out of the water, i advise trying to take on the greaters (in the next post, i will show you how to 'wet draw', but it is not a tactic for ocean fighting, as you will see).

to get to the lakes, head westerly from the road when you get to the desert.  you will need to run very fast to avoid the agh'kuks, but once you reach the lakes, those particular baddies maintain a wide berth from the lakes, so fighting the greater gols should be a little easier.  i think the airfish scare them........


that's enough for today, i think.  join me again very soon for the rest of this adventure.  i will show you the dangers of fighting near water, as well as the aforementioned technique of wet drawing.  hope to see you for all that fun!