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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - cedar beaters

Posted by velveeta Friday May 12 2017 at 8:49PM
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(for this adventure, i am only using the map to show you how to get there.  please leave comments as to preference for screenies of the route(s) or for map(s) only.)

of course, you must greet ssoren to access the town marshal quest list.  this time, we are choosing 'cedar beaters'.  accept the quest and check your journal for details.

the cedar treants hang out in the forest almost exactly between sslanis and kion, so i started in sslanis.  you can take the coast road - be aware that it is patrolled by undead most of the way, and when you get near the turnoff, you have to keep the golems in mind and sight - or the northeastern road, which has its own set of nasties to deal with, like spiders, swarms of biting flies, ogres, pygmies, and water gols when near the lakes of crystal tears, and the withered aegis when near the blighted deadlands.

speaking of, after dodging all these terrors (advice - take an experienced player as a bodyguard/guide), you will approach the lesser aradoth deadlands.  just up the road is the blighted outpost.  there is a shortcut thru the hills between them, if you can dodge the baddies.  you can also continue on the road until you are north of the outpost and cut west across the foothills.  whichever way you go, you will reach the kion forest and the home of the cedar treants.

cedar treants, individually, are a fair to simple challenge for the level of the advent.  they tend to aggro, tho.  however, they are also slow and easy to outrun.  nonetheless, i do advise you either group with others (safety in numbers and all that) or with an higher level babysitter, for a timely and less messy conclusion.

especially since the treants are not the only danger to low levels patrolling the area.  as you might be able to see from the screenies, there are both deposits of wisp residue and live dim wisps mingling with the trees.  among the wisps is a very, very angry specimen.  the enraged wisps are the terminators of istaria - they don't eat, they don't sleep, and they absolutely will not stop until you are dead.  i don't even know what the aggro range is, and they don't give a care about level.  they will just keep attacking you until you or it is dead.  avoid like the plague if you can, finish off quickly if you can't.

meanwhile, just keep taking on the treants until you have a nice field of dead and your journal reminds you to head back to sslanis.  hopefully, you have bound to the sslanis shrine or else you have to the long run back.  the beauty of recall is that it puts you right near ssoren's porch.  speak again to it to get your reward for a job well done.

and there you have it, another town marshal quest down.  please remember to comment with your preference of 'screenies' for screenshots of the route or 'map' for just a mapped route and description of dangers.  i will be starting the next few quest walkthrus on monday, so whatever the majority rules by then is how i will handle the getting to and from portion of the post.  thanx in advance for your response and see you soon for more!