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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

but first, some exciting news!

Posted by velveeta Tuesday May 24 2016 at 5:17PM
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berfore i start the next series, here is some news hot off the press!!  a new epic questline has just been released!!  altho it will be a long while before i get around to detailing it, unless i join a group and get into the fray, i want to tell you about so if you already play and have a fitting alt, you can get started on your own.

the new questline is called 'niesa's fate', and it requires alts of at least level 90 adventure skewl.

go here to read the forum release

go here to see some pix and more info on the facebook page

go here to see the official release on the page



when i come back, we will start on those subset adventure quests that i have been promising for months!  ;-}

daily quests, part 4 - ruxus ruckus, part b

Posted by velveeta Monday May 16 2016 at 6:54PM
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continuing where we left off, standing in the door of the mill is normand the gnomish farmer.  as you can see, he has a task he would like you to perform.  speak to him and listen to the tale of woe he has to tell.

checking your quest journal, you will see that you need to kill 20 small ruxus (ruxii?).  ruxus are a damp, squishy, watery sounding creature; even the small ones are bigger than any but a hatchling or maybe a half giant.  they are nasty and gross and it is a pleasure to kill them.  also, remember that for this quest, only small ruxus count, altho.....  well, more on that in a minute, i am getting ahead of myself.

the instructions from your quest journal are kinda vague, and some of the oldtimers who haven't played prolly won't recognize the area they patrol, at least at first - dalimond and its surroundings have been redesigned.  the ruxus can be found south (behind) the mill, in what used to be one of the best elm forests in the game (hence, the remaining woodworking station).  even then, tho, ruxus, and their more barky cousins, the arbotus (o man, they are fun, more in a few) hung out in the area, making it an interesting crafting session.

so, start beating up on small ruxus (my fave tactic is to run up their butts and nail em from the inside, like jonah and the whale).  if you are higher than level 25 or so, chances are you will run out of small ruxus before long, so feel free to smack the regular ones around.  just remember, they don't count.  at a couple points, i even ran out of those, so i beat on the arbotus.  they are fun, because when they die, a squirrel comes out of the mouth and screams at you.

once you have sown your field of corpses, check your journal and chat for confirmation before returning to normand.  head back to the mill and speak to the farmer to get your reward.


that is the last of the 'timed' quests we will look at for now.  when next we meet, i will tell you about an important type of adventure quest that all players can and should take up when appropriate.  more about it and them later!

daily quests, part 4 - ruxus ruckus, part a

Posted by velveeta Friday May 6 2016 at 11:34PM
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the last daily quest we will do is of the adventure type.  a good number (at least half, prolly more) of all quests in istaria are adventure quests - in addition to any other rewards offered, adventure quests provide adventure skewl xp.   after we finish up with this quest, we will explore a subset or special type of adventure quests, but more about that at another time.

for today, we will spend some time just getting to the quest giver, as this is a part of the recent world reorganization, and i haven't done much exploration of the new terrain (so it is new for us all).  the quest under observation is called 'ruxus ruckus', and to get it, you have to head for the holcomb farmstead.

the easiest way to get there is to start in dalimond, near the main gate (i ported in and the incoming pad is just a few steps from it).  once outside, you want to head in a south and generally westerly direction, aound the homestead at the base of the hill.  climb the hill and you will see a dirt road off to your rightish.  go down this road a few steps until you reach the area you can run up the rise.  at the top of the rise, you will be in the area of the holcomb farmstead proper, as you can tell by the fruit tree orchard.

as you can see from the screenie, there are 2 buildings on the farm - the home of the holcombs and a mill.  you will find normand, the farmer who owns the land and the giver of our quest, in the mill doorway.

next time, we will get the quest and fulfill the requirements thereof.  it is a good way for low to mid levels to get some paid xp for their current adventure skewl.  and a decent way for higher levels to make some easy cash every day.  see you soon with the exciting conclusion of ruxus ruckus!

some real life awesome

Posted by velveeta Monday May 2 2016 at 7:35PM
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before we get back to the fun stuff, i want to take a moment to tell you about the great customer service istaria offers.  it's not something we want to or usually think about, but when you need it, it can make all the difference.

i had set aside all saturday to play, so that i could get a few of the quests i plan on blogging started.  when i tried to login, the game would patch and then nothing - no launch or load.  i asked on the forums and a few hours later, yfelvik, on of the customer service gods, requested a support ticket.

i submitted the ticket and over sunday, yfel and the team suggested several troubleshooting ideas, none of which worked.  finally, i downloaded a remote control app and yfel was able to get me a short notice appointment for today after work, for a tech to remote in and take a look at what was happening.

rick/lexx remoted in and tracked down the problem in short order, and fixed it with a quickness.  fast enough that i was able to get home and do one of the quests, which you shall be finding out about in the next few days.

all praises to the great and mighty gods - all of them - of istaria!  they go that extra mile.  and that is one of the many things that separate the small, niche games from the bigger boiz - try getting that kind of service from blizzard........