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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

the first four, part 4 - feladan

Posted by velveeta Friday May 29 2015 at 10:13PM
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(not to put a downer on the post, but i wanted to apologise for not posting sooner.  my dad, who had been ill with cancer for the last 2.5 years, died last thursday night.  that was the reason i haven't posted sooner.  but i am back in the saddle now!)

today, we will visit feladan, the racial home of the elves of istaria.  as with most cities, the basic 4 trainers are all together in one room.

follow the road from the port pad to the gate to the inner fort area.  the trainers are located in the lower level room immediately to your right when you pass thru the archway.

the trainers are arranged in a circle around the room.  the first trainer, just next to the doorway, is cuadan the mage trainer.  as usual, you need to speak to him to join the mage skewl and get any quests he may offer you to advance your scholarly pursuits. 

in the corner closest to cuadan, you will find mallwen the scout.  the trainer will happily endorse your entry into the society of scouts once you indicate your interest.

next in the circle is the cleric trainer, adulura.  find her against the wall, where she is waiting with her large warhammer to bring you into the clerical fold.

and that just leaves the last trainer we will meet today, galemir the warrior trainer.  the grizzled old elf is standing in the corner across from the entry to the room, waiting patiently for you to ask him about the way of the warrior.

we will be returning to feladan to meet some of the prestige trainers, but that enough for right now.  see you soon with a new city to explore!