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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

the first four, part 3 - dalimond

Posted by velveeta Friday May 15 2015 at 8:49PM
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once you are ready to get off the low level island, your first stop is likely to be the human city of dalimond (after you reach bristugo, of course).  this is usually the first mainland city bipeds get to know.

unlike most of the cities we will visit, the four basic skewl trainers are wide spread.  you will be running all over the city, and even outside the city walls, to find the trainers we will meet today.

so, let's start with the cleric trainer, beccan.  this godly woman can be found in the westernmost house, right next to the west gate.  she is standing next to the altar in the middle of the room, near the door, waiting to speak to you about joining the skewl and to offer some quests to help you level.

maester larson, the mage trainer, has his scholar's room on the other side of town, in the northeast walled academy next to the archive building.  enter the courtyard and go into the last building on the left hand side.  the maester is in his lab room, and is not so happy to speak to you about the mage brotherhood.  be quick, so he can get back to his research......

jyrris wind is the dalimond scout trainer.  like most outdoorsy peeps, she doesn't care for towns much, so you will find her just outside the main gate, near the archery practice field.  she is always looking for more scouts to help control the critter population that infests the lands around the town.

lithe sergeant grace addlier looks more like a dancer than a fighter, as she well knows.  look for her in the walled manor closest to the main gate.  she is more than happy to talk to you about joining the brotherhood of warriors, and to send you out on quests of great importance.

no matter what skewl you choose to explore, dalimond will offer you many chances to level up and do some good.  it makes an almost perfect place to start your adventures in the wide world of istaria!


that's it for dalimond.  next time, we will explore another mid level city to meet and greet the basic trainers.  come back soon!!