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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

the first four, part 1 - spirit isle and new trismus

Posted by velveeta Friday May 1 2015 at 4:46PM
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so, here we are at the beginning of our meet and greet tour of biped adventure trainers.  there are 3 'types' of skewls, much like the crafting skewls.  we will first explore the basic adventuring skewls of mage, scout, warrior, and cleric.  every racial city has a set of these trainers, usually in close proximity to each other, so i will be doing them by city - when we get to the hybrid and prestige skewls, i will go back to doing them as a set, as i did with the crafting trainers.

with that in mind, let's get started at the beginning, shall we?

bipeds start their tutorial adventures on the spirit isle.  the adventure trainer for all the basic skewls on the island is cellardus the adventurer.  he can be found in the 'temple' area - located in the center of the island on a rise - to the right of the stairs.  of course, if you are a newbie and speak to him, he will offer you quests for the skewl you are interested in.  he even had a quest for me!


after spirit isle, a newbie's next stop is new trismus.  much has changed on the beginner's island, but the adventure trainers are still in bizniz.  the cleric and warrior trainers are in the tavern area, next to each other, and the mage and scout trainers are in the main fort area.

in the burned out tavern, acolyte miry is the beginner cleric trainer.  she stands next to the right hand wall, next to the warrior trainer, gaedin.  speaking to her grants you entry into the clerical order, and a nice bunch of quests.

just steps away from the acolyte, you can speak to the sergeant acting as the warrior trainer for the newly arrived.  gaedin is very willing to give you quests to train you for battle against the withered aegis that has infected the home he loves.

across the square from the tavern is the main fort, where you will find the mage trainer, ulaven.  he is located in the burned out scholar's room, to the left of the entrance.  he, too, offers training quests - i haven't don't much with the mage skewl, so he doesn't have much to say to me, but if you have completed your time on spirit isle, he will put you to work to serve the mage intentions.

sadie the saris is the scout trainer for new tris.  she is to be found just inside the fort, to the right of the entrance.  she, of course, has a myriad of quests to prepare new scouts to face the larger world and its dangers - all you have to do is speak to her!

now that you have met the beginner trainers, we will enter the larger world of istaria, and visit the racial cities to meet the trainers there.  come back soon to discover the kion trainers.  see you then!