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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

expert blacksmith trainers

Posted by velveeta Wednesday May 21 2014 at 10:19PM
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and so, we come to the last of the blacksmith trainers.  let's meet them, and review the tools blacksmiths use.

first, allow me to introduce attia, the fiend trainer located in the racial city of kirasanct.  he can be found on the upper level of the main fort area.

lastly, we have baric greybeard, a  trainer in the mine of aughundell, the city of the dwarves.   the dour master smith can be found, as you might guess, underground.  go thru the mouth of the mine and head past the great entry hall to the workstation hall.  he is located in the last left hand room of the crafthall.


all biped crafting skewls use 3 basic tools and corresponding processing machines.  the machines can be placed in one location, known as a crafthall - or workstation, at least by me.

a blacksmith workstation contains a smelter and an anvil for processing ore into metal bars and finished items.  blacksmiths use a mining pick to harvest ore, smelting tongs to make metal bars, and a smithing hammer to process the bars into the final product.  most trainers will be located near the machines associated with their trade, and will offer the most basic tools when spoken to.  it is in your best interests to keep upgraded with your tools and weapons, as there is a skill cap on them.  that is, you won't get to expert using tier 2 tools.


there we go, we have met the blacksmith trainers.  next time, we will begin our exploration of the second basic crafting skewl of istaria - outfitter.  see you then!