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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

beginner blacksmith trainers

Posted by velveeta Wednesday May 7 2014 at 9:47PM
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okay, finally we can find some of those trainers i have been promising!!  let us start, as we should, at the beginning.

we are already pretty familiar with the first blacksmith trainer you will meet - guran on new trismus.  after you port from spirit isle, new trismus is the training island, as we know.  you will find guran in the metal workstation, up the road from the cedar field in the middle of the tin and copper field.

once you are ready to move on from the evil place, your next stop is kion, city of the saris.  the blacksmith trainer here is kelamina.  she can be found in the fort, in the 'tower' area next to the vault.  speaking to her, or any of the other trainers, will get you some very basic tools, as well as entry into the blacksmith school.  you must speak to a trainer to switch schools - for instance, if you are currently in, say, the fitter (construction) school and want to go back to blacksmithing, you would need to speak to a blacksmith trainer to do so.  this is the process for all biped schools, crafting or adventure.

in sslanis, the home of the sslik, the blacksmith trainer is nassath.  it can be found inside the main building.  all trainers have a symbol of their school (blacksmith is, naturally, a hammer and anvil), to allow you to find them easier.  enter the building where you see the symbol, and the trainer will be residing there.

the last beginner blacksmith trainer can be found in dalimond, home of the humans of istaria.  you will need to attune to the town's port (we have already done the attunement tour, so i will spare you that) or run to the city to find rolland arros.  he is located in the building closest to the dock area.


and there we have the beginning blacksmith trainers.  next time, i will introduce you to the journeyman trainers.  see you soon!!

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