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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

my fave fabric harvesting locations

Posted by velveeta Wednesday May 28 2014 at 8:33PM
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the second basic craft skewl of istaria is outfitter.  as you might guess, outfitters make clothing and armor out of fabric and tanned hides.  before we meet the trainers, let me tell you about working cloth and where i like to go to do so.

you know that resources, and the working thereof, have 6 tiers.  i will follow the outline of the blacksmith resource post, for ease, in this and all further posts of this nature.  fabric is the name given to cloth and cloth products in istaria.  the wiki doesn't really have detailed descriptions of the plants, like those of the metals, so forgive my 'winging' it.


tier 1:

wiki description: flax is the most common cloth plant, as you might expect, being the very first tier.  it is a weedy looking plant with blue flowers, and the fields are always widespread and quick to respawn.  the wiki page lists the following locations to find flax plants:

my thoughts: let me just say, here at the start, that fabric isle is prolly the place most peeps go for at least the first three or four tiers.  everything is unguarded, it's a large island (but the plants are intermixed and can be widely separated), and there are 2 fabric workstations, one at each end of the island near the road.  and it is easily accessed via port 4 in bristugo, as well as via bridges.  that being said, i like to do my flax work outside of kion.  there is a large yet compact field (don't stray too far south along the road, tho, if you are low level - gruoks and grulets roam there, complete with bessie, the boss hog) with a convenient fws.
tier 2:
wiki description: kenaf is a bushy white plant.  it tends to grow close together in the field, and respawns quickly.  here is where the wiki page says you can find it:
my thoughts:  well, i USED to like to do my kenaf work in the settlement of heather.  there was always a player plot or three with at least a journeyman fws on site.  sadly, on blight, that is no longer the case.  i suspect that on the live shards, heather is still a thriving community, however.  the field is unguarded, near to the port pad, and pretty big.
tier 3:
wiki description:  cotton - well, it looks like cotton!  a low, bushy white plant.  tier 3 starts the situation of heavily guarded fabric resources (as you will see, i died to bring you this info!!  lol) as well as having aboundant (or motherlode) plants.  wiki says you can find cotton in the following locations - altho i was unable to find the field behind the mahagra vault:
my thoughts:  i do my cotton in aughundell.  yes, it is a wide spread field.  yes, it doesn't respawn as quickly as one might like.  yes, it is guarded by red backed spiders.  yes, finally but most importantly, blight anchors have been known to pop up and ruin your day.  also, you don't want to wander into the bitter pickle area.  despite all that, i like the convenience to town and the handy fws.
tier 4:
wiki description:  the tier 4 fabric is silk.  in fact, the last 3 tiers are some form of silk, so they all look basically the same - a short, leafy plant with a flower on top.  you can find silk at the following locations:
my thoughts:  aug isn't just for metal.  a lot of fabric is located near the dwarven town.  i find silk north of the main town (run next to the inside of the city wall).  there is no fws, and it is guarded by shadow spiders, but it is hard to find on fabric isle.  if you can handle the running and fighting, you will be okay.
tier 5:
wiki description:  ironsilk is a difficult to find resource.  i was unable to find any on fabric isle, altho i am assured it is there.  the other locations listed each have their problems - spiritous swamp is a very unfriendly place to any level of player.  here is where wiki sez you can find it:
my thoughts:  once again, i turn to aughundell.  east of the town is the suburb of rikhi.  northerly of that is a small field of ironsilk.  the field itself is relatively unguarded, altho is it very close to some very dangerous territory - the fallen outpost.  not a place to be caught unaware.
tier 6:
wiki description: rarest and most difficult to harvest of fabric plants, steelsilk is the highest tier cloth plant.  again, i couldn't find any on fabric isle, and there is only one other place to find it:
<table sortable"="" border="1">


my thoughts:  realistically, the harro area is the only place to find steelsilk.  there are a few high level resources in the area, and it is heavily and viciously guarded (i will relate how i died to bring you the info on fabric, essence, and timber resources when we get to the scholar trainers.  something for you to look forward to!).  as you can see from the map, it is near the withered aegis lands, and they are no respecters of borders, if you get my meaning.  it is not advisable to venture there without an escort, no matter your level.

and now you know a little something about finding and harvesting fabric plants!  next time, i will tell you how to find the trainers to get started in this adventure.  see ya soon!

expert blacksmith trainers

Posted by velveeta Wednesday May 21 2014 at 10:19PM
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and so, we come to the last of the blacksmith trainers.  let's meet them, and review the tools blacksmiths use.

first, allow me to introduce attia, the fiend trainer located in the racial city of kirasanct.  he can be found on the upper level of the main fort area.

lastly, we have baric greybeard, a  trainer in the mine of aughundell, the city of the dwarves.   the dour master smith can be found, as you might guess, underground.  go thru the mouth of the mine and head past the great entry hall to the workstation hall.  he is located in the last left hand room of the crafthall.


all biped crafting skewls use 3 basic tools and corresponding processing machines.  the machines can be placed in one location, known as a crafthall - or workstation, at least by me.

a blacksmith workstation contains a smelter and an anvil for processing ore into metal bars and finished items.  blacksmiths use a mining pick to harvest ore, smelting tongs to make metal bars, and a smithing hammer to process the bars into the final product.  most trainers will be located near the machines associated with their trade, and will offer the most basic tools when spoken to.  it is in your best interests to keep upgraded with your tools and weapons, as there is a skill cap on them.  that is, you won't get to expert using tier 2 tools.


there we go, we have met the blacksmith trainers.  next time, we will begin our exploration of the second basic crafting skewl of istaria - outfitter.  see you then!

journeyman blacksmith trainers

Posted by velveeta Tuesday May 13 2014 at 9:07PM
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once you move past the second tier, you enter the journeyman phase of crafting.  let's meet those trainers.

in the city of new rachival, you will find the journeyman blacksmith trainer, grubba tarwinkle.  new rach is the home of the gnomes, settled after the withered aegis invaded the old city.  grubba can be found on the lower level of the fort, sharing a building with a couple other trainers we will meet later.

in feladan, home of the elves, tyalangan is the trainer.  he can be found in the lower building to the left of the essence channeler.

lastly, in the city of half giants, called mahagra, seek out maari joest.  the trainer can be found in the back right building of the fort.


next time, we meet the last of the blacksmith trainers, the experts.  come back soon to meet them!

beginner blacksmith trainers

Posted by velveeta Wednesday May 7 2014 at 10:47PM
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okay, finally we can find some of those trainers i have been promising!!  let us start, as we should, at the beginning.

we are already pretty familiar with the first blacksmith trainer you will meet - guran on new trismus.  after you port from spirit isle, new trismus is the training island, as we know.  you will find guran in the metal workstation, up the road from the cedar field in the middle of the tin and copper field.

once you are ready to move on from the evil place, your next stop is kion, city of the saris.  the blacksmith trainer here is kelamina.  she can be found in the fort, in the 'tower' area next to the vault.  speaking to her, or any of the other trainers, will get you some very basic tools, as well as entry into the blacksmith school.  you must speak to a trainer to switch schools - for instance, if you are currently in, say, the fitter (construction) school and want to go back to blacksmithing, you would need to speak to a blacksmith trainer to do so.  this is the process for all biped schools, crafting or adventure.

in sslanis, the home of the sslik, the blacksmith trainer is nassath.  it can be found inside the main building.  all trainers have a symbol of their school (blacksmith is, naturally, a hammer and anvil), to allow you to find them easier.  enter the building where you see the symbol, and the trainer will be residing there.

the last beginner blacksmith trainer can be found in dalimond, home of the humans of istaria.  you will need to attune to the town's port (we have already done the attunement tour, so i will spare you that) or run to the city to find rolland arros.  he is located in the building closest to the dock area.


and there we have the beginning blacksmith trainers.  next time, i will introduce you to the journeyman trainers.  see you soon!!