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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

meeting the gemcrafting trainer

Posted by velveeta Friday May 24 2013 at 11:19PM
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now is the time to venture forth into the less safe outskirts of dralk, and meet the dragon gemcrafting trainer, heraxius.  as with all trainers, the dragon gives out level specific quests, in my case, gathering jade - but i get ahead of myself.....

heraxius is located just on the edge of some dangerous area, patrolled by lava oastics.  at lower levels, they pack quite a punch.  i certainly needed the kind and generous protection of my higher level friends when going to and fro from the gemwork trainer and saphias (we will meet this trainer next time).

if you have been a long time reader of these bits of drivel, you have already past the trainer area several times, heading to char for resources like obsidian and access to the craft cave there.  to get to the trainers, head out of dralk on the road past the floating island bridge and the guard post.  when you get to the crossroads, take the western fork.  it's but a short run to the second crossroad in front of the cliff.  if we were heading for the resources, we would go left on the southern fork, but this time, take the northern fork.

just ahead, you will see a guard post on your left, and ahead of that, across the road heading south, a floating crystal held in place by massive chains.  at this point is the beginning of the lava oastics patrol area.  to your right is the entrance to the canyon where they breed.  you can usually get to heraxius safely, but any further into the northern side of the road is taking your life in your hands without a babysitter....

anyhoo, under the floating crystal is where you will find the gemworking trainer.  approach and speak to heraxius to receive your quest - mine, as i said above, is to gather and craft some jade.

as i may have said before, the suburbs of dralk are rich in resources.  the jade is to be found just before the cobalt field to the north of dralk city - and don't forget the craft cave manned by dargor, who we will also meet soon.  do as required and return to heraxius for your reward.


and that's about it for now.  see you soon!

meeting the dragon mining trainer

Posted by velveeta Tuesday May 14 2013 at 10:28PM
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after you meet queriatia, swing back around and head down the spiral ramp.  in the room at the end of the ramp, you will find the dragon mining trainer, evenitas.

you will get to know evenitas well, at least if you are smart.  almost everything a dragon can make requires the use of metal in some form - certainly most armour and techs.  the trainer, of course, offers level appropriate quests - in my case, gathering cobalt ore.

in order to get the quest, you speak to the trainer, as with all trainers.  keep in mind that dralk has a lot of resources in relatively safe areas close together, and that you can take more than one quest at a time.  also remember that non crafting quests sometimes have a timer on completion, which i will explain more when we get to umbelroth.......

anyway, head to the cob field outside of dralk, collect the ore (ore only, do not convert it to bars in the craft cave next to the field, haul it back to dralk, and have evenitas laugh at your mistake before sending you back out to get just the ore.....), and return to the floating island to get your reward.


next time we meet, i will take you into the more dangerous area where a couple trainers are waiting to meet you.  it's easy to die getting to these trainers, so keep that in mind!

meeting the dralk crafter trainer

Posted by velveeta Monday May 13 2013 at 10:57PM
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the floating island on dralk is home to only 2 of the dragon craft trainers, and fortunately, they are both in the same cave.  the first one we will visit is queriatia, the crafting trainer/form vendor.  this trainer does give out quests, but mourningwood is too high level for them.  mostly, he uses this crafter for purchasing formulas.  however, i have taken a screenie of the speech the dragon has to say to me.  notice the beginner forms queriatia offers once you join the crafter skewl.

to get to the island and the cave, you would turn right onto the road out of dralk from the portal area.  head up the road, past the vault cave and the marshal post.  across from the public cave, and just before the guard post on the outskirts of the city proper, is the bridge to the floating island.  go across it, and turn to the  left when you enter the complex.  

head thru the opening next to the cluster of green crystals on the extreme left of the entrance.  cross that bridge and make another left as soon as you enter the smaller cave.  in a little alcove, you will find the crafter trainer.

come back in a day or so to hear about the trainer that share the cave with queriatia!  see you then!


meet the scalecrafting trainer

Posted by velveeta Monday May 6 2013 at 4:18PM
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now is the time to meet the scalecraft trainer, miemonus.  if you are a fighter by nature, you are for sure gonna become very familiar with miemonus - even lunus recognize the need for the highest quality armour one can get, and making it yourself insures all the tweaks and trix you want!!  the mightiest dragons always stay current with their scalecrafting ability.

the trainer can be found in a cave next to the large lava cauldron under the floating island.  from the portal area, head down to the cauldron area, following the right side cliffs.  entering the cave, you will see 2 dragons.  head for miemonus at the back of the cave (we will meet rykhar later!)

go ahead and approach the trainer, greet and get your quest (i apparently forgot to get that quest dialogue, or have lost it - sorry!!).  cobalt is easy - there is a nice field with a public crafting lair just outside of dralk.  i gathered up the needed materials and returned to miemonus to receive my reward.

there you go for the scalecraft trainer!  come back soon to meet another trainer!