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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis militia - fallen spirit tasks, the chamber of skulls, part 1a

Posted by velveeta Sunday April 15 2018 at 8:43PM
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as i hope we remember, we started this sub questline while it was borked.  so, part 1a will be pre-questline restart, and 1b will be post-restart.  the reason for this is that i did, in fact, have to make an istarian army knife.  i did, at least, have the expert formula for it!

while you are hunting the bloodletters, you are also exploring.  around the mystic lake entrance, you will notice a 3 way fork in the road - a good chance that you came from the upper most fork, but if not, that way will lead to more bloodletters and back, eventually, to the cave of winds.  the middle most level is the level we are interested in at this time.  take this middle road and follow it a relatively short distance until you see some humanoids milling about.  just about that time, you should also recieve notice that you have found the chamber you seek.

the critters guarding the tombs are faded trandalarans.  they aren't too terribly hard, but they do like to gang up and they are all over the place, especially around the sarcophagus.  there are several tombs around the area, but only the one that is also a resource node, and therefore, both named and gatherable.

at this point, i fought my way thru the fadeds and made it to the sarco.  it was here that i discovered, once i tried to gather from it, that - as i was not a dragon and could not use ingenuity - i would need an istarian army knife to gather resources from the sarco.

[at this point, i continued to hunt bloodletters until i fell into that hole and had to recall anyway.  i learned i would have to retake the questline, but being forewarned, i know that i would have to make an army knife, as i checked my vault inventory and did not have one already.  i did, however, need to get my smithing hammer out, so while i had the vault open, i accessed the tool pouch and moved the hammer from the pouch to my backpack.]

the easiest place, for me, to make almost anything is my home plots at middle cliffside, on shepherd's mountain.  there are now portals that will take you to shepherd's mountain in almost every city, so i port there (from bristugo).  on blight shard, i have the first 2 plots east of the port pad.  my silos are on the western side of my 'palace' plot, the fifth silo down in the middle row.  right click on the desired silo, choose 'browse storage' and the building inventory will open.  open your backpack in addition to the building storage, click and drag the items (mithril bars, in this case) from the silo to your backpack, choose the amount to transfer when prompted, and voila!  the bars will be in your backpack.


when next we meet, we will head to my other plot next door to make the knife and head back to finish the second fallen task.  i hope to see you soon!