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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - threat level rising, part 1

Posted by velveeta Friday April 21 2017 at 8:05PM
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(most of the rest of the ssoren quests will take us into the heart of the island - usually an equal distance between kion and sslanis.  as we will discover with this particular quest, the goto and back screenies can get extensive.  do you guys want me to continue with them, or use map screenies?  the usual screenies will, of course, provide more detail, but the map screenies will take less time and trouble to read.  please let me know what the majority prefers.)

well, let's get back to ssoren.  more gods are coming, but until then - the sslanis town marshal needs help!

so, approach ssoren and greet it as usual.  choose the 'threat level rising' adventure, accept it, and get the details from the sslik and your quest journal.  if you want to do this quest as quick as it can be, and you are low level - take a babysitter, or three.

the kion volcano is way north of sslanis, so make use of the ports next to ssoren's porch, and port to kion.  i am sure you remember kion!!  you can go thru either the west or the east gate to get to the accessible areas of the volcano.  since we are quite familiar with the perils of the eastern coast, i decided to show you some of the fun to be had on the west coast.  before heading out, unequip any disks or other drags on your speed - you need to move fast to get to the gols.

when you hit the kion port, head along the south road until you get to the crossroads beneath the manor.  take the right fork strait  thru the west gate, heading down the road past the cedar forest and wws, past the ore field and mws, continuing on thru the spiders and past the stone field with stone work station.  it's a really, really long run - keep dodging spiders -  but you will soon come to a landmark.  on your left is the skeleton of a large creature - and there are nasties surrounding it!  stay on the road to avoid them and after the bend, you will see a crossroads.

this crossroad is important in a couple of ways.  if you continue on the right fork, you will reach the shortcut to the gol area.  if you go down the left fork, you will reach a road which leads to a pass you can use as well.  either way, you first have to get thru commander vekh.

the commander is a leader in the withered aegis, and he is powerful for a low level.  use a babysitter to take him if you can't/don't want to do it.

once you deal with the commander, turn right and head down the southeastern road.  you will pass another landmark - some defiled ruins with evil caretakers.  avoid them and keep running.  go past the dead tree with the spider web, until you reach the giant tree with the roots that shade the road.  jog right and shortly, you will see a pass off the road. start to pick your way up to the plateau at the top of the cliffside.  welcome to the golem playground.  


that's enough for now.  i will be back in a day or two to finish this screenie intesive adventure.  see you soon!