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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

new new tris and the memorial island

Posted by velveeta Tuesday April 14 2015 at 6:33PM
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**just fyi:  the new trismus entry(ies) on the wiki have not be updated.  also, there is no thread on the memorial island.  do a search should you care to find out more than this post can encompass.**

if it's been a while since you have been to the training island of new trismus (or if you haven't been there yet) - things have changed.  the happy, idyllic little village is now a virtual (all puns intended) wasteland, barely holding back the withered aegis assaults. 

the first thing you will notice is the new port area.  when you pop up on the incoming pad, you will notice that the shrine has been rebuilt next to the pads.  other than that, tho, everything looks pretty normal.

but as you head into town, you will see that things have gone horribly awry.  the connie/pb tent is completely gone, and the building with the tavern and the vault area is burned down, as are all the buildings in town.  the shrine that was the center of village life is gone as well, altho steward pratt is still on patrol and offering quests.  there is a wall around the town - players are responsible for rebuilding it, so some sections may be unfinished.  serena still keeps the vault in the same place, and geoff the pawnie has taken shelter with her along with rhagool.  and old reliable frelic is still in place and in bizniz.  the dragon trainer caves are unaffected, as well.

the old 'monster' road out of town - that took you thru the gruoks and grulets first, then the crossroads where the grass beets roamed - has now become a blighted stronghold of a tribe of wa known as the invae.  the crossroad itself is crowned with a blight anchor (not recommended you hang around for too long if you are low to medium levels and/or solo), spewing out wa to spread the blight to all corners of the island.

the critters have been moved to guard the resource fields.  the grulets and gruoks are now in the flax fields near rancher eldon's place (that road now has a guard that you can run to for help with the piggies), the spiders (that used to live under the fallen log immediately west of the crossroad) are in the flax fields near the fws, pratt's pond has become the nesting place for the spiders as well as the source of sandstone (and the gem mine is still there) - but gained a guard and the scaffolding for a new building.  there is the double threat of the spiders and the treants in the cedar field.  the grass beets have been moved to the area west over the mountain in the metal field, west of the mws.  if you continue north on the road, you will come to a guard camp.  you can pick up some quests for the ruined homestead further up the road.

the rest of the changes, i leave to you to explore.


for almost as long as horizons has been around - at least since the first rl player death, anyway - istarians have wanted a place to remember the characters and their players that meant so much to us.  the devs have hidden at least a couple little 'easter eggs' around the world, but there is nothing for the players.  finally, tho, we have an island where we can memorialize those who have left us.  you can even get a plot and build a memorial spot of your own!  altho it doesn't show up, the island's physical 'location' in the world is off the southern coast of the three sisters island group.  once you are on the island, you can access the map as normal.

to get to the memorial island, you have to port from the genevia pad.  when you pop up, you will see that you are in the center of an intersection.  there are buildings to the south, west, and north of you, with a road to the east.  this eastern road wends around the mountain and ends in a little grove area - to my mind, it would make a nice place to reflect on a friend who has passed on.

north of the pad is the entrance to the dragon crypt.  inside the crypt, you will see the entrance to halls on either side of you.  to the left of you is the dragon crafter crypt, and the dragon adventurer crypt is on the right.  take a moment or two to appreciate the dragon banners decorating the back wall. 

to the south of the port pad is the biped crypt.  it is broken up into 2 smaller crypts, each with a series of smaller subcrypts - one each for every adventure and crafting school.  adventure schools to the left, craft schools to the right.

to the west of the pad, down the rise, is the entrance to the 'mausoleum' field.  run thru the building and exit out into the western half of the island.  you can follow the road around to all the little shrines (and i use shrine here as the meaning 'a place for leaving offerings').  one of the first shrines you will happen on is the one i call the 'saris' shrine, across from the 'dwarven' shrine (i adore the waterfall).  the shrines are inscribed, altho i can't read them.  the really awesome part, tho, is the building plots.  i haven't done the needed research to know if you can have a memorial plot in addition to a regular plot/lair - but i do know you can build on them if you so desired!  scattered thruout the plot field are gazebosfountains, and shady trees with benches.  it is a very pleasant place to spend a little time remembering beloved ones.


next time we meet, we will start the meet and greet tour of the biped adventure trainers.  see you soon!

a day in the life of a fitter, part 4 - applying

Posted by velveeta Friday April 10 2015 at 9:46PM
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yay!!  the hardest part is over!!  you have harvested, you have made, and now you are ready to apply a load of sheets to a building!

so, you are at the plot you are working on.  if you don't already have a building or buildings you are working on, you can choose one by double clicking on the plot marker (which will open up the property details page) and using the construction tab.  if you click on the structures under construction, the building's scaffolding will light up.  this is handy for finding buildings you have already partially applied materials to.

otherwise, approach the scaffolding of the building you wish to work on and double click.  this will bring up the construction tab for that building and show you the list of needed materials.  usually, the same tool you use to make the construction material is the one you need to apply it - in this case, i need to make sure i have my fitting mallet equipped.  choose the material you wish to apply - notice the screen shows me that i need 45 units of sheets applied, that i have none done on this building, that i need at least a 400 in the fitting skill to apply steel sheets, and that the owner (my draggy mourningwood) forgot to put some coin on this building.  draggys are cheapskates.......

anyhoo, at the bottom left of the screen, you will notice the 'contribute' button.  clicking the button will bring up a small info screen.  it is pretty self explanatory, but i would like to draw your attention to the 'your contribution' area.  you will notice that there is a line that reads: resources needed per unit: 2.  depending on your skill level, you might need up to 4 sheets per unit.  what this means, of course, is that i need 2 pieces of sheeting to make up one unit.  so, 45 sheets needed = 90 crafted sheets, if you get me.

save yourself a little hassle and slide the 'resources to use' slider to max and click okay.  the screen will revert to the construction tab, and you will notice that i have done 45 steel sheets, which makes the structure 6.4% completed.  your chat log will advise you as to the amount, if any, of xp you receive for this application, and, of course, checking your inventory will show the reminder of the crafted sheets, which you can apply to another building.


and so, there we are!  our meet and greet tour of the crafting trainers is officially complete.  in a couple days, i will talk to you about how the evil place is even more evil these days, and a really sweet idea that horizons players have been asking for for several years that the great gods have given us.  join me next time, when all will be revealed!!!


a day in the life of a fitter, part 3 - making

Posted by velveeta Saturday April 4 2015 at 6:29PM
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once you have a full load of ore (for me, it is 1350 pieces of ore on the disk, 250 on harvarti, and the rest in my inventory), it is time to head for the workstation and make the first of our 'crafted' resources, steel bars.

once at the mws, swap your pick for your smelting tongs.  i use my hotkey, or you can access your inventory and use the right click menu.

next, if you don't have it hotkeyed (them, for me - i hotkey the forms i am using as well as the tools, so i have my bar form, my sheet form, and my joint form ready), and while standing near the smelter station, access your knowledge tab and select the 'metal bars' formula (i need steel, of course).  you can't make anything without the proper tools, so make sure you have everything by checking the upper left side of the creation screen.  make the maximum amount you can with the ore you have in one sitting by clicking the arrow icon in the 'batches' field, click the create button in the lower right of the screen, and voila!  i have created 1032 steel bars.  

as you can see from the screenie, the bars went into my inventory and have overburdened me greatly.  so i have to dump them to my disk and park it at the smelter while i go get more ore to make more bars.  you do this by click and drag the bars from your inventory to your disk (and to your cargo pet, if and when) and detaching the disk.  open your epuipment tab and locate the chain icon next to the disk area. click the chain icon and you will see that it 'breaks' - the links that were connected are now separated.  your disk is now parked in place and will stay in that location until you reattach it.  the blue arrow underneath the chain icon is a locator - it will show you direction and distance when you hover your cursor on it.  remember that your pet prolly stacks, so you can have both ore and bars on it until you reach the cap.

so, head back into the field and whack away until you get a full load of bars made.  for me, that is 1687 bars on the disk, 312 on harvarti, and about 564 in my inventory.  switch from your tongs to your fitting mallet, bring up your steel sheeting form and move to the anvil.  make a batch of sheets.  move some to your disk - unlike most lesser resources, higher ones like sheets do not automatically split, so you will have to do it.  in your inventory, right click on the sheets and choose the split option.  it may take you a couple tries to get the counts right, but for me, i can fit 112 sheets on the disk and 20 on havarti.  the splits will stay in your inventory until you move them to the container.  if you have the room, you can rinse and repeat until you have as many sheets as you want and/or need.

once you are finished making everything, remember to reattach your disk before heading home - you don't want to get half way to your destination before remembering you didn't.  if there is a plot handy with a vault, you can deposit your sheets there and fetch them out again from another vault - in my case, i have a vault on the industrial complex, so that's handy!  if you can't recall (remember, you can't with almost all disks), head for a port.  be prepared for the cost of the porting - a disk is charged a fee that varies with the amount of items on it, so the coins add up!

and that is the making phase.  when next we meet, i will show you how to apply the sheets to a building, and that will officially end our tour of the biped crafting trainers.  before i start with the adventure trainers, we will take a very short (one post should do it) tour of the new new trismus and of the memorial island.  hope to see you soon!