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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

but first, bristugo

Posted by velveeta Monday April 7 2014 at 10:11PM
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before we start our long term explorations of the many biped schools, you need to be familiar with the main portal city of bristugo.  outside of being the main port hub, there are trainers and questgivers here, along with resources.  i will leave you to explore those options on your own, at least for now.  today, we are interested in the ports and where they can get you.

i highly recommend attuning to bristugo at your earliest opportunity.  porting to anywhere from bristugo is cheaper than porting from city to city, especially when you are hauling construction materials to your plot or lair.  it can be a short cut - indeed, it can be the only way to get to a couple of places.  you will want to be attuned to brist most of the time - when doing a lot of crafting a particular resource (say, cobalt or obsidian in dralk), it is a good idea to temporarily attuned to that particular city, but mostly, you will become very familiar with the ports in brist.

with that in mind, i will be showing you the ports in clockwise order, starting with port 1 on your left as you come up the road from the shrine.

port 1 is directly in front of the brist vault (you will come to love that particular vault!!  ;-} ).  it goes to 3 settlements (that i have explored yet) and to trandalar, an important place for resources and quests (you may remember that mourningwood had to go the the blighted area for a quest).  as you can see from the screenie, i have attuned to most of the ports in trandalar.  most of the attunement quests are intensive and involve extensive quests, as in the quests to attune to the valley of repose.

port 2 can be found next to port 1, across from the corner of the vault building.  it is sort of a catch all portal - it goes to the abandoned isle, ports in the dalimond peninsula (as you can see, i still have a lot of attunement to do!), the eastern and imperial outposts, helian's tomb, the islands of ice and fire - both the main port and the expedition camp, and winter vale.  the last 2 locations are new areas, and i haven't explored them yet.

port 3 is across from port 2, and it goes to the guild settlement areas.  guild settlements are pretty much what they sound like - a town area that 'belongs' to a particular guild, and only members of the guild are able to buy and sell plots and lairs in them.  for instance, my guild's settlement in at apia.

to the right of port 3, we find port 4.  port 4 goes to aubador (an new area i haven't explored yet), the settlements (like sanctuary bay, which we have been to), and shepherd's mountain (the palais du fromage and industrial complex is located just off the incoming port pad in middle cliffside).  most of the settlements will require attunement.

port 5 is the last, and most used, portal in the hub.  it goes to all the main racial cities, and to genevia island.  a few of the cities (most notably, sslanis, dalimond, and chiconis) require attunement to reach.

so, there you have it.  i highly recommend doing as many of the attunement quests as you can before seriously starting your career in istaria.  get help if you need to, and you prolly will, especially if you are low level.  believe me, you save a cargo disk full of time running around the world!!

see you next time, when we find out where some blacksmith trainers can be found.