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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

newbie quest - trials of the gifted

Posted by velveeta Wednesday April 2 2014 at 11:13PM
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mourningwood actually completed this quests years ago.  due to a glitch at the time, however, i was never able to finalize the quest and get the gifted emblem, marking me as gifted.  i gained all the abilities and specials of being a gifted, mourn was just never 'acknowledged' as being gifted.  it gave him a name and a distinction that i quite liked!

however, that does mean that i do not have the individual trials marked out for you.  i have alluded to some of the peeps you need to know in other posts (for instance, 2 of the assistants can be found in the same building as acolyte miry, and the endurance assessor can be found in the windmill next to the cedar field), but all the info you need can be found on the wiki page, and indeed, i will post those links.  i can tell you to be very familiar with the roads of new trismus, particularly the resource road - and make sure you bind to the new tris shrine.  most of these trials are timed, and you will need to get from one place to another quickly.

anyhoo, this quest starts, as they all do, by speaking to someone.  in this case, steward pratt.  readers of this humble blog already know the steward fairly well - and that he is to be found on patrol near the town shrine.  speak to him and listen to the whole long lecture he has for you, before he starts you off on the 5 trials that make up the quest.

now, when i did the quest so long ago, i don't remember a particular order you had to do these trials in, so i will present them in order of the wiki page, with as much info as i can remember - which prolly won't be much!

first trial is the one of swiftness.  as you might guess, this is a test of how fast you can get from point a to point b.  find the assessor of swiftness (located in the blacksmith area opposite the tavern building across the square) and he will set the timer for you to run back to town.  once you finish this (and all) trial, the assessor will give you a token.  keep these tokens in your inventory - DO NOT STORE OR DELETE THEM!!

second is the trial of the soul.  when i did this quest, the soul assessor was at the far northwest part of the island, in the midst of some nasty wolves and undead.  if she is still there (under a large tree near the cliff), you may need help in keeping the baddies off your butt.  you will need to speak to the assessor and then recall back to the shrine in town.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALREADY BOUND TO THE NT SHRINE BEFORE TAKING THIS TEST, IF YOU AREN'T ALREADY.  AND YOU SHOULD BE.

third is the test of endurance.  the assessor is located in the windmill next to the cedar field.  he will load you down with an invisible weight.  you can run back on the road (for the speed bonus), but i recommend you recall.  that puts you next to the tavern building where the assistant of endurance is hanging with acolyte miry.  speak to the assistant to complete this test and get your token.

the fourth test is one of wit.  the assessor will give you 3 riddles, one at a time.  you have to get the riddle, then run back to town and get the correct token in answer to the riddle from the assistant (located in the same tavern building as miry and the assistant of endurance).  yeap, that is 4 times running back and forth.  told you you will need to be familiar with new trismus!

the last trial is that of knowledge.  speak to the assessor, who will send you to visit some scholars on a little island off the southeastern coast of new tris.  he is quite longwinded, so make sure to listen to the whole thing before setting off.  

once you get to the island, you will be speaking to 4 different scholars, and they will have an order to do so.  first, you must speak to the scholar of the dragon age, then the warrior age scholar, followed by the sorcerer scholar, then lastly, the scholar of the age of lamentation.  

after you have all five needed tokens to prove you have successfully completed the trials, return to steward pratt.  you have to wait some time (i think about 2 or 3 minutes - but it might be 5), but eventually, pratt will be ready to give you your well earned reward!  equip your token and share with the world your new status!!


hope what little info i could provide was at least enough to get you on your way.  this is an important and somewhat intensive quest, as it should be.  not one to just be leaped into!  make sure you know where everything is before starting your tests.


well, see you next time, when we start to meet the biped trainers.  we will be starting with blacksmith, so get your picks and tongs ready!