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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

meeting the essence harvesting trainer

Posted by velveeta Tuesday April 30 2013 at 10:19PM
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(once again, i would like to apologise for not posting in so long.  you deserve to know why.  my dad has cancer.  it's pretty bad, so i have been spending as much time with him as i can.  i will try to get back to the regular schedule, but i can make no promises, of course.  i hope and thank you for your understanding!  and now, back to your regularly scheduled program!)

the crafting trainers in dralk are widespread and can be hard to get to.  so let's start with the easy one, shall we?

caspuras the essence harvesting trainer is quite conveniently located next to the portal complex, in a craft cave.  

to find the trainer, from the incoming port pad, you should see the entrance of the craft cave off to the left of the main city portal.  head to the cave - you should see caspuras as soon as you reach the entrance.

approach the trainer and listen to the instructions.  my quest was to collect 100 bright essence.

off i toddled to feladan and managed to harvest the required essence while fending off the enraged wisp (a big pussy, really).  i returned to caspuras for my (by now) anticipated 'good boy' pat on the head.

well, i hope you enjoyed meeting our first dralk trainer.  come back again to meet another dragon teacher!

getting around dralk

Posted by velveeta Monday April 15 2013 at 11:59AM
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dralk is a big, dangerous place.  before we meet any trainers, it is useful to know your way around.  at least one trainer is located in a place highly lethal to low level players, so now is the time to think about babysitters and/or bodyguards!

dralk is the hot red home city of the lunus faction dragons.  much like new york in the real world, dralk is both the city itself and the area surrounding the city.  dralk city has a large floating crystal island, as does chiconis.  in addition, there are several community caves scattered around the large caldera of lava located directly underneath the crystal island (the edge of which you can see under the lower right of the crystal island in the screenie).  we will find out more about those locations when we visit those trainers.

but there is more to dralk than just the city.  the lairshapers' cave, for instance, is located up north of the city near the coast.  2 of the craft trainers are located in the outskirts of the city, amidst the nasty lava oastics (here is where you will most prolly need the babysitier, especially when visiting saphias).

that's it for some general info about the red city.  there will be more detail when visiting the trainers, so come back soon for more!!